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Marina Frayman, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Warminster
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MS
“Sometimes the pressures of family, work, and relationships have a scary way of making us feel that our choices are limited. The result of this taxing lifestyle leads to unhealthy coping skills, eventually causing feelings of depression, anxiety, and the development of substance abuse issues, amongst other addictions and mental health ailments. My goal is to help individuals learn to manage stressors within healthy and productive limits. I recognize that asking for help during a time of need isn't easy, and as your therapist, I'll be here to lend a helping hand within a safe and judgement free environment.
Warminster, Pennsylvania 18974
(267) 535-2236
Alexandra M Barbo, Psychologist  in New Hope
“Psychotherapy is about a therapeutic alliance. I offer an empathic, confidential listening ear, seasoned with years of experience. My methodology is research driven, pulling from modern psychodynamic and cognitive behavior therapy traditions. Working together, I hope to help you define your goals and find your path; understand yourself and those around you better; regain a sense of inner calm; feel efficacy; and reflect confidence.
New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938
(215) 764-5990
Ruth Jampol, Psychologist  in Newtown
Psychologist, PhD
“Are you and your partner caught in a negative cycle of anger and blame, or icy silence and withdrawal? Or are you and a child stuck in repetitive arguments that never get resolved? Many approaches to couple and family therapy help people resolve disagreements, but Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) goes beyond conflict resolution to address underlying needs and emotions that fuel arguments. I have found that EFT, which has over twenty years of research supporting its effectiveness, has helped even families with longstanding problems who have not benefited from previous therapy, as well as couples on the brink of divorce.
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(267) 460-7391
Deborah M Nagel, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Jamison
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MA, CAADC, MAC
“Thanks for visiting. About me: I have worked in addiction and recovery since 1981. In addition to my Masters, I have advanced certifications from the PCB (in PA) and from NAADAC. I work with clients who either know they need to get clean and sober or have been pressured to deal with their use by job, partner or DUI. Some clients come in to find out if they have a problem. I am invested in each client's progress. I am warm, direct, easygoing and positive. I like to use humor. I know my stuff and I love what I do.
Jamison, Pennsylvania 18929
(610) 679-9930 x1613
Kathleen Mccafferty, Counselor  in Doylestown
Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC
“Are you having trouble focusing? Is your job or relationship not satisfying? Is your family telling you that you just haven't been yourself lately? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and feel stuck it might be a good time to talk to an objective counselor who can help you sort out what is going on so that you can create the life that you really want to live.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 688-5933
Lisa J Taylor, Psychologist  in Langhorne
Psychologist, PhD
“The decision to start psychotherapy can be a very emotional--even scary--endeavor. I am sensitive to the many concerns people have about psychotherapy and offer a non-intimidating, supportive, and empowering environment for self-exploration. In particular, I encourage patients to become more active participants in their own lives and to create opportunities for themselves that lead to permanent, life enhancing change. Psychotherapy is a challenging but rewarding process. Take your time to find a therapist who feels like the right match for you, and please congratulate yourself for taking this first step toward examining and enriching your life.
Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047
(215) 741-7174
Help Detox Me, Treatment Facility  in Newtown
Treatment Facility
“We're different-really, because of our innovative methods. We work with heroin & pill addicts and our approach helps most. We are faster and less expensive than any other program . Think- Has what you have past treatment experience worked for you? In our treatment you start feeling better as soon as you begin treatment. You feel a little better the 1st hour of treatment and each hour your recovery gets s stronger. How are we different-We use no drugs or medical procede. Our Programs greatly reduces withdrawal symptoms using an FDA approved medical device that normalizes the addictive brain. When the brain is normalized you stop having withdrawal. Within the 5 days of no more "jonesing." You will have detoxed both mentally & physically in 2-10 days. Treatment is in our office and not in a institution. You have complete freedom. No interruption of school, work etc.. Learn techniques that make you stronger. Medications are usually unnecessary because of our unique combination of non-medical methods that inhibits addictive processes & normalizes your Neurochemical balance. In addition, there are techniques individualized. Your confidentiality is always respected . We will provide help for anyone needing further assistance/treatment.
Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940
(215) 436-9938
Nancy Logue, Psychologist  in Yardley
Psychologist, PhD
“Painful relationship issues and lifestyle struggles can interfere with all aspects of life. Distress, Depression, anxiety, marital conflict or alienation, job stress, losses and health problems impact the quality of home life, career functioning, physical and mental health. Effective psychotherapy can help you face these challenges and empower you to improve your life. With training and expertise in a variety of therapeutic techniques, I use a comprehensive, practical approach attuned to your needs and goals. I have many years experience helping couples, individuals and families connect with themselves and each other. Identifying, understanding and clearly communicating our true needs we can break destructive negative cycles.
Yardley, Pennsylvania 19067
(215) 995-5148
Ruth Marsach-Wood, Psychologist  in Doylestown
Psychologist, PhD, MA
“The capacity for self-reflection and the ability to assess one's emotions, strengths and weaknesses is fundamental to personal growth. It's this level of emotional intelligence that helps us cope and navigate successfully through difficult life situations and interpersonal relationships. The goal is to have a more balanced, fulfulling and meaningful life.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18902
(267) 281-1892
Ravenhill Psychological Services, Treatment Facility  in Doylestown
“Since 2001, Ravenhill Psychological Services has been providing meaningful and responsive mental health treatment to the children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families of Bucks and its surrounding counties. In order to provide services to all members of the community who need it, Ravenhill offers both day and evening appointments, and accepts medical assistance and several commercial insurances. We pride ourselves on responding promptly to requests for service, so please contact us today to find out if Ravenhill participates with your particular insurance plan. Private pay options are also available. At Ravenhill, we will always incorporate the needs of the community into our current and future practice.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 701-4092
Tobias Cabral, Psychologist  in Langhorne
Psychologist, PsyD
“You are the expert on yourself. You've tried everything you can think of, or you wouldn't be here. This is not a small nor an easy decision. So it is with hope and humility that I offer to be of help.You want to find words for the things that drive you, to reconnect your thoughts and feelings and actions into a shape that makes more sense. But the method has been elusive.I would like to help you to find a way forward, to live your experiences more fully, richly, and spontaneously.
Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047
(215) 995-4181
Sharon Drexler, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Doylestown
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PsyD, LCSW
“"Life is not what it's supposed to be. It's what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference. . ." (Virginia Satir). I can provide you with the careful support and effective feedback to assist in the resolution of current problems as well as complex patterns of behavior. By offering a safe and empathic environment, patients are encouraged to discover solutions to a myriad of challenges and psychological concerns.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(646) 362-8621
James J Stone, Psychologist  in Warrington
Psychologist, PsyD
“I am a Neuropsychologist and Certified School Psychologist with over 20 years of experience. In my practice, I specialize in providing evaluations and diagnostic and treatment services to children and adults in four main areas: head injuries (including concussions evaluation and management), ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and neurological issues, including learning problems. Neuropsychology is a branch of clinical psychology that understands behavior and development as it relates to brain functioning. Understanding an individual's unique neurocognitive profile helps us understand their needs as well as their strengths that can be used to help improve those needs.
Warrington, Pennsylvania 18976
(215) 688-5842
Moran Gottesman, Psychologist  in Warminster
Psychologist, PsyD
“Lets face it, life happens and feeling "crazy," is often the result of the situations we find outselves in! In my practice I focus on treating individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and relationship difficulties, among other issues that impact the way we function in our daily lives. I approach treatment by understanding what events led to the "craziness" and work with individuals to adjust the ways in which they view and respond to situations contributing to the madness. As a result, clients often develop a view of themselves, others, and the future that is more functional.
Warminster, Pennsylvania 18974
(215) 987-4655
Caitlin M Braun, Counselor  in Doylestown
Counselor, MACP
“My passion is helping people alleviate negative feelings and symptoms so they can take control of their lives and get back to enjoying all that life has to offer. I work together with each client to help them navigate their symptoms and get to the core of the problem. I believe a strong therapeutic relationship that is built on trust and genuineness is a crucial component to successful therapy and I pride myself on creating an atmosphere that is safe, warm, and promotes self-growth.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(267) 800-2437
Laura Ferreri,   in Doylestown
“Helping persons find their own balance by creating a safe space for self-expression and establishing a trusting relationship are my goals as a therapist. Working together, I hope to help you identify limiting beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back from being comfortable in your life and your relationships. Using a mix of theoretical and practical modalities, my work focuses on exploring past patterns and identifying strengths to help you live your authentic life.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(267) 612-4354
Paul VanAntwerp, Counselor  in Langhorne
Counselor, MA, LPC
“I am a Licensed Professional Counselor/Therapist that can help you deal with and overcome life's struggles and the obstacles you face every day. The trust, rapport and collaboration that we can build together will lead to effectively treating your anxiety, stress, depression and other emotional issues. I have extensive experience working with children in Residential facilities (RTF's), Partial Hospital Programs and Inpatient Psychiatric facilities. I specialize in kids with ADHD & behavioral problems that are becoming unmanageable or already causing severe issues in school, social & family functioning and relationships.
Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047
(215) 987-6756
Brad Shamis, Psychologist  in Bensalem
Psychologist, PhD
“Dr. Shamis’ clinical experience provides the diagnostic expertise to target the exact cause of individual problems and formulate an elimination strategy. By precisely identifying the nature of personal thoughts and feelings associated with these problems, he facilitates a natural growth process within each person. This ultimately allows people to access their own capacities for wise self-direction, and improve the way they think about problems. Dr. Shamis is so successful because he effectively creates a permanent shift in perception of real events and relationships, and provides positive attitudes toward life.
Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020
(215) 995-3085
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“I am a graduate of the Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies (1991) and the Washington School of Psychiatry's Object Relations Training Program (1993). My study of object relations theory has helped me to appreciate the many and complex ways in which early experience becomes structured in the internal world, then to be realized and repeated in the external world. It is my goal to provide psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapy of sufficient depth, duration and thoughtfulness to facilitate the mastery of emotional problems, the restoration and enhancement of self-esteem, and the fostering of emotional resilience, creativity and self-discovery.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 995-3070
Marriage & Family Therapist, MEd, LMFT
“My focus is family dynamics,whether I see a family, a couple, or individuals. Sometimes our growth is stunted and we get stuck in ineffectual patterns of behavior requiring some change to florish. I use EMDR, Brainspotting and other mind body techniques to assist your process of change. I like child centered play therapy because it involves the parents directly in the process of change in their children. Parents are the most powerful enablers for their children and have the ability to effect change in a way that another outside the family cannot.
Southampton, Pennsylvania 18966
(215) 987-5034 x3

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