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Julie Hassell, Psychologist  in Atlanta
Psychologist, PhD
“Those who contact me are struggling with internal and external blocks to happiness.They may be experiencing anxiety or depression, loneliness, loss and grief, illness or trauma, and feel unable to change themselves or their environment. Much unhappiness is created by no longer useful coping devices. Therapy is a change agent that helps us create new thinking and behavior patterns, and move toward emotional growth, wholeness, and realization of our dreams. All that's required is the acknowledgement of the need for an inner change, and the willingness to engage the therapy work necessary to allow such change to manifest.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(404) 348-0790
Glenda Corwin, Psychologist  in Atlanta
Psychologist, PhD
“I'm a clinical psychologist with a general adult practice, working with individuals and couples in same-sex and opposite-sex relationships. In addition, I lead groups and workshops on anxiety management, GLBT issues, and sexual health for women. For more information and a brief video, please visit my website, www.DrGlendaCorwin.com.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 633-0071 x3
Elizabeth L Edge, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Atlanta
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Life transitions are challenging whether it is navigating high school, adjusting to a child growing up, or realizing you are not where you expected at this point in life. My experience has been with people who have turned to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, or self-injury to cope with various life events. Others have shut down in the form of depression or paralyzing anxiety. Essentially the ways of handling life’s stressors are no longer effective, and in these moments we need help. I enjoy working with people who have a desire to learn how to better navigate their transition.
Lesbian Issues
Office is near:
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
(404) 566-6455
Kim Lee Hughes, Counselor  in Atlanta
Counselor, MS, NCC
“I am a believer. I believe in the positive power of the human spirit. I believe there is more good in humanity than bad. I believe in the power of relationships and their ability to shape and direct our lives. I believe that collective works is the way to build individual success. I believe in the healing nature of genuine attention in the presence of radical listening. I believe that the rapport between a therapist and client can transform lives.
Lesbian Issues
Office is near:
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 330-9970
Jennifer A Watts, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Atlanta
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT
“If you have reached a point in your life where you find yourself struggling with difficult feelings, thoughts, decisions, or behaviors--or if you are facing difficulties in your relationship--psychotherapy can help you find your way forward. For over nine years I have provided psychotherapy in Metro Atlanta, working with individuals and couples on issues related to depression and anxiety, relationships, sexual identity, life transitions, and personal growth and development. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you, and I invite you to visit my web site to learn more about me and my practice: www.PsychotherapyInAtlanta.com.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
(404) 369-8263
Melissa Ann Lester, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Atlanta
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“Welcome. My practice is devoted to women and women's issues, especially emotional overeating, weight management, anxiety, depression and shifting sexual orientation over the life span. All of this work presents an ideal opportunity to resolve long-standing anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges and results in a more peaceful, joyful and effective role in your own life. I welcome all women seeking more peace, joy, self-acceptance and power in their life. It is easiest to reach me initially by email at melissalester.lcsw@hushmail.com. I also invite you to visit my website melissalesterlcsw.com.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
(678) 681-9895
Afton Murphy, Counselor  in Atlanta
Counselor, MS, LAPC
“Afton Murphy earned her Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling with a specialization in Addiction Disorders at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Afton has always adored children, but truly developed a passion for working with children interning at a foster care agency during her graduate training. Afton not only helps kids/adolescents develop skills to improve their lives, but also works with parents and/or caregivers to successfully implement behavior modifications at home. Helping children better understand themselves and their behaviors is usually the main goal, but helping the child and the parent understand each other is just as important.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
(269) 405-4589
Dee Desnoyers, Counselor  in Atlanta
Counselor, PhD, LPC, RPT-S
“I am a licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist (supervisor) specializing in child, adolescent, and adult psychotherapy. In my practice, I have two broad specialties: working with the LGBTQ community and providing play therapy for children (for more information, please view my website). In addition to these areas of specialization, I enjoy working with adolescents and adults who struggle with anxiety or depression, interpersonal difficulties, low self-esteem, those who feel stuck in self-defeating patterns, and those who feel unfulfilled in their lives.
Lesbian Issues
Office is near:
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 946-8929
Kathi E Martin  in Atlanta
“Sufi poet, Rumi, once said; "Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth." Many of us are living a life that has been pre-defined in various ways. We have been constricted by our fears; shamed by our challenges; troubled by identity concerns, and confined by the limits and expectations of our family, friends, and environment. Is this the best reality for you, or does your authentic self have a greater idea for your life? I can help individuals, couples, and families unfold a more positive, authentic, and powerful future.
Lesbian Issues
Office is near:
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
(470) 296-2362
Katie Ganske, Psychologist  in Atlanta
Psychologist, PhD
“Stress management is essential to living a satisfying, happy life. In my practice, I help clients discover and implement existing coping skills while also developing new strategies for stress management. My approach to therapy is collaborative and supportive. I work to provide clients with practical skills to assist with immediate stressors - while also addressing underlying issues. I provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere making sessions productive and enjoyable.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
(404) 334-4945
W. Myles Hassler, Counselor  in Atlanta
Counselor, MS, LPC, NCC, MAC
“I believe that our individual paths in life are driven by a need for fulfillment and wholeness. Along the way our experiences can be challenging, confusing and even painful. Our belief systems will dictate whether we embrace these challenges as a burden or as an opportunity for growth, for gaining strength, and for direction. As we move forward in this journey, we will likely find meaning and gifts in often new and unexpected ways. For me, it will be a privilege to accompany that journey as we work toward positive outcomes and transition.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(678) 427-0566
Cliff Bostock,   in Atlanta
“Has it occurred to you that you may not need psychotherapy? Not every problem indicates a psychological disorder. After years of personal therapy and training in the field, I decided to work in the more direct way of a collaborative LIFE COACH. Together, we explore ways you feel blocked and create goals to get you on track. We explore your imagination, the source of all change, in a safe but challenging way. (Please consult my website for more details: cliffbostock.com.)
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30312
(404) 369-8504
Katie Davino, Psychologist  in Atlanta
Psychologist, PhD
“I help clients make life changes and achieve their goals. In therapy, you can build self understanding and self-compassion. You can gain insight into old dysfunctional thinking, behavior and relationship patterns. You can get freedom from these patterns with an improved ability to make effective choices. I will work with you to build new skills to regulate your emotions and improve your feelings about your self.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
(404) 736-6954
Kaleem Rahman, Counselor  in Atlanta
Counselor, MA, LPC
“For more than 30 years, I have been helping people create stronger and more satisfying relationships, eliminate unwanted habits, overcome depression and anxiety, and develop stress and anger management skills in order to enjoy more fulfilling lives. I have helped clients achieve a better quality of life through individual, couples and family counseling, and the highly specialized field of hypnosis.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
(404) 566-6747
Rene Ely, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Atlanta
Marriage & Family Therapist, MDiv, MA, LMFT
“I am a licensed clinical marriage and family psychotherapist. I've been in full-time practice for over twenty years. I conduct therapy and counseling with individuals of all ages, families, couples, partners, and business associates. I am passionate in my work and strive to create an environment in which together we seek to identify, understand and implement the skills needed to address the challenges you face in family, business, school, community and interpersonal relationships. The goal is freedom to live life to the fullest.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(678) 590-2966
Martin Ray, Counselor  in Atlanta
Counselor, LAPC, CRC, MS
“It is my goal to apply the techniques, processes, and approaches available to a mental health professional to assist clients manage and overcome a diverse range of issues. I work primarily with clients facing depression, anxiety, substance abuse, grief, and relationship issues. Through better understanding of peoples lives and struggles, I collaborate with clients to shape the proper therapeutic style and direction to increase day-to-day functioning and enjoyment of life.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(678) 825-8597
Chantay Y Golson, Counselor  in Atlanta
Counselor, MS, NCC, LPC, CAMS
“Sometimes it's much easier to wallow in our problems and hurts. Are you tired of wallowing in self-pity? Have you figured out that worrying only causes more grief/stress /anxiety/tears? Need someone to help you clear your head? Look no further, I too have been where you are and I understand. Isn't it great to learn that there is a way out? Make your appointment today to begin "A New Way of Thinking, Feeling and Living".
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
(770) 212-3578
Thom Anderson, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Atlanta
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MMC, LCSW
“Creating the life and relationships you want is not only possible, it can be fun, exciting, healing. Old patterns, beliefs, hurts, traumas don't have to hold you back. Heal the past and create a rich, new and flexible present. Create a future that honors who you are and who you wish to become as an individual or as a couple or family. Become the author of your own life and relationships; create expansive opportunities and growth free from past patterns, rigid thinking, old wounds, childhood abuses, deep traumas or controlling fears and anxieties.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
(678) 671-7554
Andrew H Gee, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Atlanta
Marriage & Family Therapist, MEd, MDiv, LMFT
“I am a Pastoral Counselor/Psychotherapist, a Marriage & Family Therapist, and an ordained minister offering individual, couples, and family counseling/therapy. I have graduate training and professional experience in both counseling and ministry. I enjoy being with people as they are and where they are in their life and walking with them as they seek to heal and grow. Deeper healing and growth take time. I prefer to work with people weekly or bi-weekly, on a longer-term basis--as deeply and for as long as they may benefit.
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
(404) 566-9594
William Brown, Counselor  in Atlanta
Counselor, MS, APC, NCC
“Momentum. Clarity. Possibilities. I counsel individuals and couples facing a variety of challenges. I partner with clients to discover, explore, and employ strategies to deal with the "stuff" of life. Some issues addressed include depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, body image issues, and coming out. At Equality Counseling Center, we provide expertise and savvy in LGBT issues. I work under the direction of Will Mahan, LPC and the supervision of Dr. Rebecca Beaton, PhD, LPC. Respect, honesty, trust, and equality form the basis of my therapeutic relationships. For more information, please visit my website at williambrowncounseling.com
Lesbian Issues
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
(678) 929-6437

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