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Kelly M Arendt, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MCoun, LCPC
“My ideal client is an individual motivated to create change in their life. While working with clients dealing with anxiety/depression issues, grief and loss issues, family trauma, couple related issues, etc. if the client is willing to be honest with themselves and finally take a close look at what issues are really the road blocks to their happiness, obtainable goals can be set and reached. There is no set time frame on when these goals need to be accomplished, the client controls the pace of their own healing and growing process.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 344-5457
Cheryle Jones Andrews, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Boise
Marriage & Family Therapist, MEd, LMFT, LCPC
“I believe we all strive to make the very best of our lives, even when we are feeling frozen and unable to step out of life’s muck and mire. I will collaborate with you to take those first steps to rediscovering your best Self. Whatever your concerns, you can count on my acceptance and nonjudgment. I have seen remarkable changes in my clients, as they begin to tap into their strengths and remember their value. Contact me, and we will determine if I can help you on your journey to the healthy life you desire.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 473-2283 x105
Donna Clegg, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Boise
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW, CH
“Hypnotherapists believe that every behavior and every symptom has a cause. For example, childhood trauma can result in phobias or fears as an adult and negative learned behaviors are often coping mechanisms to escape pain. In hypnosis, you and your therapist gently explore the subconscious to discover the causes of symptoms.
Boise, Idaho 83713
(208) 957-6118
Matthew D Geske, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, LCPC, MA, MS
“Helping people face adversity. Providing safe and proven treatment to overcome self-defeating thoughts and habits that undermine the ability to be a free, responsible and complete person. I take a holistic and faith-based approach to increase the possibilities for success and to decrease the need for treatments that undermine what a person values. I have been helping people overcome adversities for over twenty-five years; this has given me the opportunity to help thousands of people in their journey toward an abundant and meaningful life where they reach more of their potential.
Boise, Idaho 83714
(208) 841-3000
All Seasons Mental Health, Counselor  in Boise
“Helping people adjust to life changes requires a deep understanding of the struggles they face daily. With our professional support, clients are able to determine and achieve personal goals. This can ensure a balanced life that reflects one's personal values and priorities.
Boise, Idaho 83704
(208) 402-6138
Julie Myers, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, LCPC
“I view counseling as a supportive and collaborative partnership where I assist you with working through difficult challenges. Together we will work to develop the emotional safety and support you need to make the changes you want. I know it can be hard to make changes and even hard to ask for help sometimes. I offer a compassionate, welcoming and affirming perspective backed up with tools and skills for problem resolution. With a respectful, caring and challenging environment you are able to achieve your goals.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 904-2639
Matt Morrissette, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MEd, LCPC
“With over a decade of experience, every one of my clients can be sure that I give them my full attention and focus to helping them with effective therapeutic tools. From the very first session, you can be confident that you will be emotionally supported in our endeavor to design real solutions.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 402-6525
Peter Billings, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MS, LPC
“I really admire people who come in for counseling. My goal is to help you build on that courage to find your own unique solutions. I believe that a lot of the pain we feel as people has to do with the state of our relationships. That's why I specialize in working with couples using Emotionally Focused Therapy ( This well-researched model helps couples get free of repetitive negative patterns that hurt, and replace them with skills for building a deeply satisfying, trusting connection.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 297-5474
Charmaine A Chavez, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, LPC, NBCC
“Thinking about counseling or starting counseling can be one of the hardest (and bravest!) things we can do as human beings. I understand this doubt and fear and feel honored each time a Client walks into my office in that first step in asking for help. I am a compassionate, empathetic, and nonjudgmental counselor who appreciates the fear or anxiety one may feel in starting something new. I encourage you to be brave for just 10 small seconds at a time, and start on the path to getting the help you need.
Boise, Idaho 83705
(208) 297-7752
Tricia Harsch, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Boise
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“The therapeutic process involves building trust with your provider in order to be capable of achieving the relief and/or change in symptoms or behavior for which you want assistance. My role as your therapist is to guide you through the process of change and help you achieve symptom relief and coping skills to manage future symptoms. I utilize a client centered approach to enhance your commitment to the process of change, symptom relief and behavior modification. I am passionate about helping people persevere, achieve understanding of their relationships, find balance in life and to feel positive about the direction of life they are taking.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 417-0409
Janelle R Eckhardt, Psychologist  in Boise
Psychologist, PhD
“We all face adversities which can leave us feeling stuck or troubled. It is useful in these situations to seek the expertise of a trained listener who will help you to see things in a new way and discover insights that enable you to make meaningful and lasting changes. As a psychologist with expertise in psychotherapy, I will help you to address barriers that prevent you from being satisfied with various aspects of your life. You will acquire tools to build emotional resilience, learn to manage difficult feelings, experience more meaningful and deeper relationships with others, and find successful ways of managing stressful life circumstances.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 329-5379
Alisa J Noleen, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MCoun, LPC, NCC
“I offer a counseling environment that promotes safety and empathy in order to assist you in your healing process. I believe that you have the ability and strength within yourself to experience full mental health and well being, but sometimes it's helpful to have someone guide you through this process. I acknowledge the courage it takes to seek treatment and I look forward to meeting you.
Boise, Idaho 83725
“Our mission is to assist individuals and families in developing skills and accessing resources to reach their fullest capacities within their family and community. The Quality Care team members provide nonjudgmental, caring support through counseling and community based rehabilitative services (CBRS/PSR). Counseling is a service that enables clients to process past, present, and future concerns and issues. Our Licensed Professional Counselors will help the client in establishing goals for therapy and will work with client to achieve these goals using varied techniques.
Boise, Idaho 83704
(208) 323-2273
Stephen H Hill, Psychologist  in Boise
Psychologist, PhD, PLLC
“If you or your family want to improve your communication, have fewer relationship conflicts, and eliminate your unnecessary anxiety, depression and stress, I can help by creating a trusting relationship and a personalized plan. I will support you to set your own pace, and with your permission, will challenge you to grow from the right amount of feedback. By keeping my caseload small, I can give careful attention to everyone I see. I accurately diagnose and treat ADHD, teach effective parenting, guide children and adults through marriage and family counseling, and if need be, lead them in adjusting to divorce.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 495-4050
Peter Wollheim, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, CCW, LPC
“I treat people as people, not as diagnoses or disorders. That said, I mainly provide counseling support for individuals, couples and families living with severe and persistent mental illnesses: depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia and schizoaffective, personality and substance relapse disorders, and issues arising from the aftermath of genocide. "From self-knowledge to self-esteem, from self-esteem to self-confidence, from self-confidence to self-realization."
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 310-7247
Mildred Ann Tikker, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Boise
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Do you need assistance with a problem in your life? My experience and education are broad based enabling me to provide effective counseling for the many issues and challenges that arise throughout our lives. Your concerns are important to me. Together we will explore resolutions for any difficulties or problems that you find troublesome. We will discuss how you will know when your goals are reached. Call 208-695-1435 for an appointment.
Boise, Idaho 83704
(208) 219-7863
Heidi Carpenter, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, LPC, MCOUN, NCC
“My goal is to provide a supportive, accepting environment so clients feel safe to express and explore their feelings and thoughts. I believe counseling should help empower individuals to take control of their lives; helping them move to become the person they want to be, living the way they want to live, reaching towards their full potential. My therapy modalities vary based on the needs of my clients, using techniques that feel right for each individual.
Boise, Idaho 83704
(208) 830-2820
Wendy Barth, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Boise
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“Everything in life is affected if our relationships are in distress. We are all hard-wired for connection and need acceptance, understanding, comfort and emotional safety from our partner to fuel passion and fight stress. Sometimes things go awry in love, but don't let things stay that way! A new understanding of relationship distress allows for a framework to understand it and also to reverse it. Looking for counseling is a sign that you are invested in your relationship and want to make it better. On your own, or with your partner, come see me. I can help.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 856-0902
Raelynn Grant, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC
“Welcome! My practice is open to children, adolescents, and adults looking for a supportive environment in which to explore and resolve challenges. My approach to counseling is collaborative and strength-based while my style is empathic, genuine, and accepting. Together we can expand awareness of self and gain insight into how learned patterns of reacting and relating might be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling life.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 647-3248
Elizabeth A. Gibson, MA, LCPC, NBCC, Counselor  in Boise
“I believe we are all trying to do our best. A SANE person knows when they are not coping well. (therapy is not about being 'crazy') The stress of day to day life can push any of us to the brink. I offer an empathic and confidential place for you to bring your troubles. Genuiness and respect are the essence of my practice. The benefits of therapy inlcude: increased self-confidence, increased self-awareness, a reduction of symptoms, and improved health. My goal is for you to leave feeling empowered.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 635-0830

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