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Susan Farber, Psychologist  in Boise
Psychologist, PhD
“Hello and welcome. I have been in private practice in Boise since 1983. I am particularly familiar with depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD (adult and child) and parent-child issues. Getting an accurate diagnosis and making an informed treatment plan is one of the greatest services I can offer you. If you have made the decision to spend your time and money to seek someone to speak with, I think you deserve my best effort to stay current with knowledge in the field and provide you with the most effective treatment possible. Privacy and respect for your beliefs are core values to me.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 228-5372
Katie Hood, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, LPC, NCC
“I am passionate about helping others. I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families. My own family has been effected by mental illness, addiction and family issues. I believe that my personal life experiences combined with my education have enabled me to have a great deal of empathy for others.
Boise, Idaho 83712
(208) 904-3654
Amanda Cutler, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Boise
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MA
“Are you or your child struggling to cope with stress, overwhelming emotions, or relationship issues? At my practice you can expect to find a safe environment to explore these challenges, and get the support you need to get through them successfully. Come prepared to enjoy the therapeutic process, gain confidence and acquire insight! I have experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and couples. Areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, relationship issues, childhood disorders, trauma, grief, adjustment, chronic illness and coping with stress and loss. My office is equipped with a wonderful play therapy space I utilize when working with children.
Boise, Idaho 83704
(208) 918-1199
David DeLawyer, Psychologist  in Boise
Psychologist, PhD
“I am a clinical psychologist who has been in private practice for nearly 25 years. Adult clients seek me out for treatment of anxiety, depression, work stress, life changes, adult ADD/ADHD, and parenting problems. My work with children, teenagers and families includes various types of behavior problems, school problems, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, and problems adjusting to the changes and upheavals that often occur in the lives of families. The therapy I do with clients is practical, solution-focused and effective. The exact approach I take with each client depends on his or her particular needs and presenting concerns.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 449-1446
Psychologist, PhD, PLLC
“I am primarily interested in clients' internal experiences; your feelings and thoughts. Exploring and clarifying these is frequently useful in making decisions that face you, creating new ways of behaving and coping, and improving your relationship with yourself. I provide psychotherapy in an emotionally safe and private context, and utilize a style which involves a great deal of interaction between us.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 449-1827
Michelle M Burks, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MA, LPC, CADC
“"It takes a tremendous amount of courage, wisdom and desire to ask for help". That is the first step. I utilize a variety of treatment modalities based on your individual needs in a holistic and empathetic environment. The therapeutic relationship between counselor and individual is vital as well as the belief that the individual has everything they need within to heal and integrate body, mind and spirit. I specialize in the treatment of addictions and all issues related to them using a whole body approach where the individual's needs direct the therapy.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 449-1640
Amber Dillon, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MS, LPC
“Imagine what it would feel like to be able to make every decision based on a clear direction and purpose. That is my desire for you; I am here to offer clarity, compassion, awareness, guidance and accountability for change. I am in this with you and am here to help with professional, caring and effective counseling and coaching in a comfortable, supportive and confidential environment.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 957-6103
Ann J Moore, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MCoun, LCPC
“Conflict can come from within or from external sources. When there is conflict, one's balance is off which can drive feelings of depression and anxiety. Please contact me to support and encourage you in gaining insight into identifying and maintaining your personal balance.
Boise, Idaho 83705
(208) 228-0248
Victor Durnil, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, LCPC, CSAT, MCoun
“I am passionate about my work with my clients and believe that no matter how difficult the immediate situation may be, there is a manageable path to feeling better. I enjoy working with diverse issues, but am particularly passionate about my work with men, sexual addiction issues, and helping people heal from past trauma. I am trained in EMDR and other trauma treatment methods, and have an extensive background in working with domestic violence and sexual abuse issues. I provide a safe, non-judgmental, and client-centered environment for change.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 904-1089 x106
Rick Blood, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MEd, LCPC
“Therapy is difficult. My intention is to create a comfortable environment in which clients can face very difficult issues, topics, or problems. Creating a positive, non-judgmental, therapeutic alliance is my initial goal in treatment. I work with adolescents and adults. My experience includes, but is not limited to, treating anger management, trauma & abuse, couples, addictions, depression, anxiety, and parenting issues.
Boise, Idaho 83704
(208) 904-3370
Brittany C Kasefang, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Boise
Marriage & Family Therapist, LAMFT
“Brittany Kasefang is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist offering counseling services in; couples and family, parenting, trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, premarital counseling, survivors of physical and sexual abuse for children, adolescents, and adults. Brittany especially enjoys working with pre-teens and adolescents and families. Brittany supports clients using a systemic approach with models such as structural, solution-focused, and emotionally-focused, and Bowenian. Brittany believes that the most helpful way to work with a client is to look at a client through their relationships they create and systemic factors that are involved.
Boise, Idaho 83709
(208) 417-0173
Raelynn Grant, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC
“Welcome! My practice is open to children, adolescents, and adults looking for a supportive environment in which to explore and resolve challenges. My approach to counseling is collaborative and strength-based while my style is empathic, genuine, and accepting. Together we can expand awareness of self and gain insight into how learned patterns of reacting and relating might be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling life.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 647-3248
Sabrina Swope, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Boise
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW
“My ideal client is any client, however I like working with women and adolescents. My theoretical base is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and motivational interviewing. I am pretty versatile, and enjoy family therapy and couples therapy. I really will not turn anyone away, if I don't have the skills to help you with your specific needs I will help you find the appropriate professional that will meet your needs. Regardless of your ability to pay you will never be turned away! So call today and let us help you!
Boise, Idaho 83704
(208) 816-4638
Janelle R Stauffer, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Boise
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Hello and welcome. I really admire the courage people have when they ask for help. I also believe in the therapy process. I use a relational model in my approach, drawing from well researched theories of attachment and neuroscience. What that means is that I intentionally use the relationship we build to bring about lasting change. I also use a trauma informed model of treatment, which basically means that I do intentional things to keep the therapy relationship safe when hard things from life are being processed.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 293-8164
Christine Klover, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, LCPC
“I have helped couples work on their relationship communication and my clients have worked on their anger, self-esteem, significant life changes or difficult life situations and relationship challenges. I consider the stories that clients tell me to be a gift. As a counselor it is my intention to give my clients the opportunity to tell me their story in a place where they are not judged and where they can begin to explore options for feelings and behaviors. The client-counselor relationship is about working together so the client can make positive changes in their lives.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 369-4494
Kelly M Arendt, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MCoun, LCPC
“My ideal client is an individual motivated to create change in their life. While working with clients dealing with anxiety/depression issues, grief and loss issues, family trauma, couple related issues, etc. if the client is willing to be honest with themselves and finally take a close look at what issues are really the road blocks to their happiness, obtainable goals can be set and reached. There is no set time frame on when these goals need to be accomplished, the client controls the pace of their own healing and growing process.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 344-5457
Frederick Dominic Mondin, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Boise
Marriage & Family Therapist, MDiv, MA, EDD, LMFT, LCPC
“Dr. Frederick Mondin has trained and studied with a large segment of the "Masters in the Field" in the areas of individual, Marriage, and Sex counseling. He received training from Minuchin;Satir; Whitaker; Perls; Ellis; Masters & Johnson, and a host of others. He has been in private practice of counseling for over forty years. He is the author of the book Erotic Marriage which has won awards in book festival competitions in London, Paris, New England, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. It won the 2013 National Indie Excellence Award. With Dr. Mondin, you will experience an experienced therapist.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 650-4312
Denae L. Barowsky, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MA, LPC
“I offer a warm, therapeutic, and supportive environment designed to aid in your healing and growth. I believe in therapy that allows you the space needed to truly explore your thoughts and feelings so that you may share in a manner that is most meaningful to you.
Boise, Idaho 83706
(208) 874-4880
Julie Severson, Counselor  in Boise
Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC
“It takes much courage and strength to seek therapy.I believe that the path to healing and wellness is an empowering process of growth. I provide a genuine accepting and supportive environment in which to explore and navigate through the challenges in your life. I strive to assist clients on their personal journey of self-discovery by treating each person as an unique individual.I specialize in collaborating with clients to strengthen self-worth, find basic unmet human needs, and understand the significance of relationships. My goal is to assist in discovering solutions and skills to meet client needs.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 449-1216
Cheryle Jones Andrews, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Boise
Marriage & Family Therapist, MEd, LMFT, LCPC
“I believe we all strive to make the very best of our lives, even when we are feeling frozen and unable to step out of life’s muck and mire. I will collaborate with you to take those first steps to rediscovering your best Self. Whatever your concerns, you can count on my acceptance and nonjudgment. I have seen remarkable changes in my clients, as they begin to tap into their strengths and remember their value. Contact me, and we will determine if I can help you on your journey to the healthy life you desire.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 473-2283 x105

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