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Jason Greenberg, Psychologist  in New York
Psychologist, PhD
“Are you experiencing issues with sex, particularly erectile dysfunction (ED)? Does this cause or relate to issues such as performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual interest, jealousy, adultery or problems related to the use of pornography? Are these issues preventing you from having a satisfying sex life and/or relationship? Are these issues impacting your existing relationship? I will help you resolve these problems so you can have a more fulfilling life, both in and out of the bedroom, by helping you understand the many factors that are affecting your ability to have a satisfying sex life and relationship.
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New York, New York 10011
(718) 569-7250
Arien Muzacz, Counselor  in New York
Counselor, MA, LMHC, NCC, CASAC-T
“I provide affirming support while challenging my clients to identify obstacles to the realization of their potential. I believe counseling is a collaborative relationship. I welcome anyone challenged by depression, anxiety, compulsion, or life adjustments (career, retirement, bereavement). My clients identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, heterosexual. Some are gender non-conforming or transgender & some are involved in BDSM/leather, polyamorous or open relationships. I have worked with older adults, people living with HIV/AIDS & couples. I believe we all have the capacity to change and that altering behavior enables us to create lives that are more free and fulfilling.
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New York, New York 10003
(646) 580-3129
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“I have been in full time private practice since 1992. I have specialized training in trauma, and addiction treatment. As the therapeutic action, healing for the patient, resides in the relationship between therapist and patient, this therapeutic relationship and how it unfolds is a primary focus. I use an eclectic approach including aspects of various relational theories including interpersonal, self-psychology, inter subjective, and object relations.
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New York, New York 10011
(646) 663-4460
Madelyn Hoffman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“I am a seasoned, collaborative listener whose goal is to help you find your own voice and talk comfortably about what matters to you. I enjoy my patients and learn from each one of them. I draw from both cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic approaches to help you deal with a crisis, or to modify patterns that may hinder your pleasure and success in work, love, parenting or play. I see psychotherapy as a science, an art, and a unique collaboration towards your goals. My fees are flexible as I enjoy working with a wide range of ages, cultures and professions.
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New York, New York 10024
(646) 386-2192
Leide Porcu, Licensed Psychoanalyst  in New York
Licensed Psychoanalyst, PhD, FIPA
“Therapy offers the possibility for change so that, with the appropriate guidance, an unfulfilled person can become more content. Through therapy, you can more fully discover who you are and what you want: what saddens and excites you and what dictates your unhappy choices in life in order to modify them with choices that are more satisfying and realistic. Therapy may eventually lead you to a more meaningful life, to more enjoyment in work and love, and ultimately give you the ability to come to terms with your limitations, strengths and surroundings.
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New York, New York 10016
(212) 929-7724
Sharon Batista, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD
“Are you suffering from depression or high stress levels? Have you struggled with your self esteem? I have a passion for working with my patients to help them to conquer symptoms related to anxiety disorders (such as panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD), mood disorders (such as depression), women's health issues (premenstrual dysphoric disorder, pregnancy and postpartum), and eating disorders (for example binge eating and bulimia) and weight disorders (such as binge eating and preparing for bariatric surgery). Depending on what your needs are, I can offer medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of both.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10010
(347) 673-0599
New York Clinical Recovery Specialists, Treatment Facility  in New York
“New York Clinical Recovery Specialists are dedicated to providing comprehensive life skills & recovery support services to teens, young adults, and families, who have been impacted by addiction, eating disorders, and other behavioral health concerns. We provide individualized recovery management services for addictions, eating disorders, mental health struggles, and other behavioral health concerns. A Clinical Recovery Specialist is a licensed behavioral health professional, with clinical training in addiction, eating disorders, and other behavioral and emotional concerns. Clinical Recovery Specialists assist individuals in creating action-oriented goals, developing practical life skills, increasing sense of self-efficacy and individuation, and utilize clinical and peer-based interventions to model and support maintenance of long-term recovery. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We support teens and young adults in their environment to provide guidance and support in real time as struggles arise in their recovery.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10024
(917) 746-1618
Larry Sullivan, Licensed Psychoanalyst  in New York
Licensed Psychoanalyst, NCPsyA
“Thanks for your visit. I'm an experienced therapist who has worked for three decades with patients across the spectrum of life's challenges. I believe that the combination of my experience and your desire for change can make a difference in your life. Come in for an hour so we can meet and explore the possibilities.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10128
(646) 257-4868
Elaine Marie Suben, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Life presents us with challenges and transitions. Exploring these challenges and transitions in a safe and supportive environment encourages self-awareness, mindfulness and the ability to achieve our goals. I can help individuals, couples and families create solutions for positive change through a strengths-based, client centered therapeutic approach.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10011
(917) 746-8743
Timothy D Huber, Psychologist  in New York
Psychologist, PhD, ATR, NCC
“As a Transpersonal Psychologist I am interested in your true nature, your deepest knowing and inherent potential. I have helped many clients free themselves from a limited stressful self view to one of mastery and authenticity. No matter what the dilemma or problem, I am interested in a curative journey. I have practiced in many settings ( hospitals, clinics, universities, in-home, retreats, nursing homes) with expertise in mental health, health psychology and consciousness. First and foremost I honor the goals you set for yourself and use all of my skills to help you accomplish them.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10001
(203) 318-4901
Barbara Mazzarella, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-R, ACSW
“In a safe, supportive environment we will work together to help you live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. While I have extensive experience helping clients with depression, anxiety, trauma & many other painful conditions, I also offer specialized treatment for those seeking healing & recovery from sexual addiction/compulsivity, sexual inhibiton/anorexia, codependency & other problematic behavior patterns involving relationships. My clients describe me as very empathetic & caring but also highly effective at facilitating positive growth & transformation in their lives. I have worked successfully with people from various backgrounds & professions, including performance & creative artists & those in sensitive or high- profile positions.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10016
(917) 791-1123
Mari Terzaghi, Psychologist  in New York
Psychologist, PhD, ABMPP, ASPPB
“Life is not an event but a dynamic process. Stress is a prevalent factor of modern urban life. It touches everyone. It can cause anguish and depression making life seem indomitable challenge instead of a process tat offers enrichment and joy. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression, psychotherapy is something for you to consider. Whether you are seeking immediate relief from symptoms or want life-enhancing change, I am qualified to respond to your needs. My comprehensive training and experience treatment a wide range of emotional problems.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10036
(212) 819-1214
Kristin Reale, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“Are you noticing patterns in your daily life and relationships that you don't know how to change, but are tired of the same outcome? Do you feel unfilled? Do you feel like your relationships are in some way stagnant or end badly? I believe that the relationship built between therapist and patient is paramount to experiencing true and lasting change. I work with people from all walks of life who desire change in their relationships, families, careers, or who feel disillusioned about life. They know something is "missing", yet can't create the change they need.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10001
(646) 600-5046
Taylor Chesney, Psy.D., Psychologist  in New York
“I provide compassionate, evidence based psychotherapy, and work within a CBT model. I specialize in providing TEAM therapy- fast acting results oriented approach developed by Dr. David Burns at Stanford University. My approach is active, collaborative, and results driven. I provide my patients with the skills to overcome their anxiety, depression, and fears to help them get back to living more satisfying, and enjoyable lives. I push my patients to work hard to get better, so that they can achieve the results they desire. I try to develop a caring, collaborative, and supportive relationship with all my patients and their families.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10021
(650) 241-0383
Julie Lichtstein, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CASAC
“Psychotherapy . . . a dynamic, interactive journey. I offer a safe, caring, professional environment in which we co-create a relationship essential for your healing and growth to occur naturally. With you, I undertake the opportunity to cultivate a supportive and trusting relationship. In my 20 years as a therapist, I have come to know that it is the genuine connection between us that paves the way to successful, fulfilling therapy. I will help you to learn more about yourself, to understand why you do what you do and to uncover, strengthen and integrate the many aspects that make you authentically you.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10003
(646) 490-0575
Dana L Anderson, Psychological Associate  in New York
Psychological Associate, PhD, EdM, MA
“Are you considering therapy but have concerns about finding the "right" therapist or type of treatment? These are important considerations and the decision to seek therapy is a big step. The patient-therapist relationship is a critical component of therapy and it is important to choose as therapist that is a "good fit" for you. With this in mind, let me tell you about myself and my approach to therapy. I am a psychologist with flexible hours and I work with all insurances but am not in-network with all insurances. Every individual is unique with his/her own personal story and goals.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10001
(347) 927-3805
Lawrence Sean Schwartz, Psychologist  in New York
Psychologist, PhD
“I believe that any person who is motivated to change can benefit from psychotherapy. My approach is create a collaborative relationship with each client in the interests of personal development.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10019
(646) 600-5226
Carol Perlman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf." Life transitions can be difficult, but they can also be rewarding: An opportunity to grow and learn about yourself. Whatever challenges life may be presenting - a divorce, career change, retirement, the death or illness of a loved one, interpersonal relationships at work and at home - psychotherapy can be an invaluable aid in coping and thriving.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10019
(646) 386-2308
Sean X Luo, Psychiatrist  in New York
Psychiatrist, MD, PhD
“I am a Columbia trained psychiatrist and researcher. I combine medication and talk therapy to help my patients achieve their goals. I carry a small number of patients and provide a high level of attention and commitment. In addition to addressing common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, I help patients with behavioral addictions such as Internet Addiction. I also incorporate elements of Eastern Philosophy into my treatment. I work with all major insurance companies as an out-of-network provider. I work with Medicare as a non-participating provider. For more information, please visit my webpage.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10024
(516) 784-5861
Laurie D Gilkes, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in New York
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
“I am a warm, open person. People feel safe and comfortable with me - enough to trust me with their secrets, fears, and intimacies. They get good "feedback". I am relaxed and informal. I work in two ways, or directions, at once: a "bottom-up" approach-- an exploration of childhood origin of the problem and how and why it persisted-- but I am very aware that you also need some relief asapf! So, at the same time, I work from the "top-down", giving stress-relieving and relaxation exercises, and other little 'tricks' to help you to feel better right away.
ACH Bank transfer
New York, New York 10075
(646) 386-2137

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