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Cheryl Sexton, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Chandler
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
“Are there things about your family or relationship that you wish were better or different? Depressed? Anxious? Frustrated with your child, your spouse or your parents? I enjoy helping people explore and improve marital/couple, parent-child, and sibling relationships. I specifically enjoy working with parents and their adolescents to decrease negative, antisocial behaviors, and increase functioning in the family overall. I am also interested in helping family members to improve marital/couple relationships related to stress in the home and with their children. Additionally, I enjoy working with adolescents and young adults who are struggling with sexuality-based issues.
Chandler, Arizona 85248
(480) 725-3207
White River Academy, Treatment Facility  in Chandler
Treatment Facility
“White River Academy is an environment that is small and family directed. Assisting your adolescent in the "change of heart" process is what will assist in making the decisions you always hoped he would. Putting others before self shifts the focus of the teen to one of "what can I do to be productive" rather than "what can others do for me". WRA individualizes academics so that each students needs are met. A high level of commitment to academics has resulted in most students seeking a college education post WRA. Many students have gone straight from WRA into a University or trade school. And some have even qualified for scholarships. You as a parent believe that your teen has potential that they aren't currently living up to. We, too, believe your adolescent has the potential and we want to help them find it. Your struggling teen can and will make permanent changes within and for the better here at White River Academy. White River is a private pay boarding school. We also offer programs that accept private insurance available at our other treatment locations, call today to learn more about our Adolescent, Young Adult, and Adult programs.
Chandler, Arizona 85226
(385) 290-3957
Kathy Sexton, Counselor  in Chandler
Counselor, MS, LPC
“Every person wants to feel happy. But often people feel they are caught in a storm, tossed about by forces beyond their control. I will help you gain insight into the forces affecting you, help you grow emotionally and help you make decisions that will lead to a happier, healthier life.
Chandler, Arizona 85224
(480) 351-6642
Sovereign Health Adolescent & Young Adult Programs, Treatment Facility  in Chandler
“High Quality and Comprehensive Adolescent Substance Abuse, Co-Occurring, Mental Health Treatment Programs Sovereign Health Adolescent Treatment Program is licensed by the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing. Our adolescent program provides evidence-based treatment modalities with a strong emphasis on intensive family therapy. Sovereign Health specializes in addressing the underlying mental health conditions by utilizing innovative and cutting edge cognitive testing, rehabilitation, and creating a long term support system and plan. We accept Most Private Insurances. Call today or visit our website to watch or read patient reviews about their treatment experiences at Sovereign Health Adolescent Treatment Program.
Chandler, Arizona 85226
(866) 425-0741
Mamta Bhargava, Counselor  in Chandler
Counselor, MSC, LPC, NCC
“I believe in the innate power in us to evolve and resolve. Sometimes when we are faced with challenging situations, our perspectives become hazy and we are unable to connect with our selves. I use eclectic and holistic modes of therapy to help people connect with their inner selves to move on in their lives and reach their full potential. I am trained in DBT, CBT, ACT and am also a Certified EMDR provider.
Chandler, Arizona 85224
(480) 252-2860
Dalena Watson, Counselor  in Chandler
Counselor, LPC, FAMI, MT-BC
“Have the old ways of doing things stopped working? Is it time to let go of self-limiting beliefs and old hurts and start living the next phase of your life? Are you longing for something better for yourself? Don't let past hurts, trauma, or old beliefs hold you back and dictate your life anymore. You can free yourself from the past and live a new, fulfilling life.
Chandler, Arizona 85226
(480) 409-2416
“I have been working in the Behavioral Health field for over ten years with experience in Community Based Services, Crisis Intervention, as well as Private Practice and Consultation. During these years I have worked with a variety of Clients, ranging from Eating Disorders during my Internship at Banner Behavioral Hospital, Scottsdale Arizona, Serious Mental Illness in Community Services and Private Practice and Trauma for which I have specialized Training. I enjoy working with a wide range of issues and partnering with my clients in recovery, healing and growth.
Chandler, Arizona 85286
(480) 330-4765
Allison Solomon, Psychologist  in Chandler
Psychologist, PsyD
“Are you looking for treatment that provides timely and lasting results within a safe, comfortable, and non-judgmental environment? Evidence-based psychotherapies are treatments that are based on scientific research to be highly effective for a wide variety of psychological problems. As a specialist in evidence-based practice, my approach is most often short-term (8-24 sessions) and uses techniques to help you to resolve present-day concerns, by modifying unhealthy thinking and behavioral patterns, and by empowering you (or your child) with well-established strategies to enable you to serve as your own therapist for life.
Chandler, Arizona 85286
(480) 448-2941
Nate Marshall Counseling, PLLC, Counselor  in Chandler
“I aim to provide individuals (16 and older) facing a wide range of difficulties the compassion, care and dignity you deserve. My focus in counseling is to you in identifying the sources of your difficulties and learning new ways to approach, cope with, or handle these situations. Becoming empowered and confident in the your strengths and abilities to handle stressors is the main focus of the services I provide. Please visit my website, for more information.
Chandler, Arizona 85286
(480) 719-0701
Arizona Marriage & Family Therapy Clinic, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Chandler
Marriage & Family Therapist
“As a therapist, I make every effort to create a trusting and unbiased environment to help my clients feel comfortable and supported. I start with a comprehensive assessment to understand the needs and goals of each client followed by a collaborative approach to create a treatment plan to outline the roadmap of therapy. I have been trained to utilize the most effective therapy approaches and techniques to help my clients make positive changes. I have worked with couples, families and individuals addressing relational conflict, infidelity, and communication problems.
Chandler, Arizona 85226
(480) 436-7863
Strategies For Success, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Chandler
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
“Hello, and thank you for taking your time to learn more about Strategies For Success. We work within a functional, problem-solving approach to work with you to minimize problem areas in your life. Our Therapists and Nurse Practitioners work with Individuals, Couples, Families and Children on a variety of issues. We also have 3 Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners who are available for children and adults, with current open appointments. They are able to discuss medication evaluations as well as ongoing medication management as well as education on medications and their benefits to assist you in making the best possible educated decision regarding your care.
Chandler, Arizona 85248
(480) 788-1897
Elizabeth Rogers, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Chandler
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“You have just taken an admirable step in your personal journey. With over 20 years of experience, I have assisted many individuals and couples to get where they want to be in their life's journey. I consider it a privilege to work along side you during your difficult time. I have practiced in New York State since the beginning of my career and recently relocated to Chandler, Arizona (LCSW-15117). I look forward to assisting you in your current path.
Chandler, Arizona 85224
(480) 306-5481
Deb Wingo Gion, Counselor  in Chandler
Counselor, LPC, CGP, CP
“Have you lost the joy and passion you once felt for life and yourself? You know you need to change but you are scared of what lies ahead. If this sounds familiar, There is hope and I can help. Call now to schedule a free 20 minute consultation. The consultation will begin the process of discovering if I am a good fit for you--if you feel understood and hopeful. I have been counseling for 30+ years, studying to keep my knowledge up to date and working on my own path, just like you.
Chandler, Arizona 85224
(480) 418-9715
Dani Woods, Counselor  in Chandler
Counselor, MC, LPC, LISAC
“Sorry, I am currently not accepting new clients. Sometimes life is just too...daily - a bit overwhelming. Maybe you feel stuck, or find yourself over-reacting to the small stuff. Are your children suddenly acting our or doing strange things like pulling out their eyelashes? Let's work together to find the happiness and resilience within you, your family, your children - to be the best YOU out there. I have over 10 years experience helping people recover from trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief.
Chandler, Arizona 85224
(480) 405-7635
Sharon Adams, Counselor  in Chandler
Counselor, MC, LPC
“Are your emotions running your life? Are you moving towards those things you value most? Is your past negatively influencing your present? Your strengths, abilities and objectives will determine the specific approaches we will use in our collaborative effort to minimize your distress and maximize your pursuit of life goals. I help clients understand the connection between their emotions, physiological reactions, thoughts, behaviors, and interactions with their environment, thus resulting in a sense of growth and accomplishment.
Chandler, Arizona 85225
(602) 635-2282
Neil Hetzel, Counselor  in Chandler
Counselor, LAC, NCC, MS
“As we move through life sometimes we become "stuck" when beliefs, strategies, and behaviors that helped us navigate life in the past no longer work for the present. Some problems are overwhelming to face alone. I believe that providing a nonjudgmental and confidential environment for clients to explore new avenues of belief, thought, and behavior are key. In this way clients may overcome their current problems and learn valuable skills that build resilience for the future. Issues I work with include anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. I enjoy working with adults, adolescents, and children.
Chandler, Arizona 85224
(480) 725-2592
“I am happy you stopped by. I have offices in Chandler and Scottsdale/NE Phoenix. My certifications include the Gottman Method for Couples, the Century Program for Anger Management, and the Abuse No More program for Domestic Violence. The Gottman Method focuses on emotion, skill building for managing conflict, developing new skills for enhancing friendship, and helping couples create a system of shared meaning together. This method is tailored to the couple and the strengths and challenges facing each couple. I welcome the opportunity to help you make your relationship a master relationship rather than a disaster relationship.
Chandler, Arizona 85224
(480) 719-2829
Karen Ohlwiler, Counselor  in Chandler
Counselor, MA, LPC
“Are you struggling with emotional issues, not feeling your best? Have you lost or never found your purpose in life? Do you need a supportive person to encourage you in this time of need? I am passionate about empowering men and women with the courage to face the emotional issues that may be interfering with their ability to have healthy relationships. It would be my privilege to accompany you on your journey through change and growth. I will be professional, empathic, ethical and gentle as you explore emotional, spiritual and psychological issues that may be keeping you stuck.
Chandler, Arizona 85286
(480) 725-1073
Natasha Daniels, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Chandler
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“I have devoted my practice to working with only toddlers, children and teens along with their families. I meet with parents alone the initial session to get a full background and to develop an approach that works best for your child. I believe in a collaborative approach with parents and meet with parents alone every third session to discuss my clinical impressions, parental approaches and ongoing therapy goals. When possible, it is my goal to lay the foundation for skills and growth and to give the parents the tools to continue working with their child on those goals at home.
Chandler, Arizona 85225
(480) 405-4593
Jacqueline Lauren Johnson, Counselor  in Chandler
Counselor, MC, LAC, NCC
“Guaranteed appt within 7 days. Need a different approach than the typical talk-based therapy? Jacqui uses several integrated experiential techniques to include Equine-assisted psychotherapy, play therapy techniques, art therapy techniques as well as animal-assisted therapy with the help of her sweet boxer. Jacqui has been working with children and adults with behavioral health needs for over 10 years. Most recent experience has been at an acute psychiatric hospital.
Chandler, Arizona 85224
(480) 376-7767

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