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Shelley Walker Rosen, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, LCPC, LADC, ADTR, NCC
“I use Body-Centered Psychotherapy as an approach to holistic healing. I work with adolescents and adults during/throughout life transitions. My back ground in dance/movement therapy and creative arts enables me to use techniques that help balance and integrate emotional, cognitive, social, and physical well being. I am also trained in mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Prenatal and postpartum women as well as those experiencing anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and substance abuse can greatly benefit from my partnership.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 358-4494
Laura Mazikowski, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, LCPC
“I specialize in establishing a safe and deeply authentic treatment relationship in which we can explore a range of goals and feelings over time. As we identify your therapy goals, we will work together to understand your own unique needs, what works and what does not, creating an environment that encourages acceptance and expression of emotion. Some of the work may focus on developing insight to help your own capacity to reflect. Additionally, we may choose to work with images and dreams to help illuminate what happens internally. Exploring these avenues can bring depth and meaning to what sometimes feel like meaningless feelings and actions.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 358-4479
Josh Kingsbury, Psychologist  in Portland
Psychologist, PhD
“We all experience challenges during our everyday lives. Sometimes these challenges can seem overwhelming and discouraging. I work with people who want to make changes in their lives to help themselves overcome these difficult experiences. These changes can often be difficult to contemplate, yet alone act on. I strive to create a supportive environment for my clients where they can explore their concerns and the emotions that arise.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 773-2828 x107
Elizabeth Kubik, Psychologist  in Portland
Psychologist, PhD
“I am a clinical psychologist specializing in mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy (MCBT) for anxiety and stress and related disorders. In addition, I have expertise in peri-natal mental health issues, such as post-partum depression and anxiety during pregnancy, infertility, pscyho-oncology, and women's wellness. I work collaboratively and compassionately with patients to help identify and change unhealthy patterns that interfere with living a valued, full life. My approach incorporates relatively new innovations in CBT treatments, such as mindfulness based CBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which focus on treating whole individuals and mind-body health.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 756-4472
Tessy Seward, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, MS, LCPC
“Are you feeling overwhelmed by life? Do you find yourself coming up against the same obstacles over and over? Are you feeling frustrated, angry, lonely, or hopeless? Despite all the wonder and beauty present in our world, the simple truth remains: living really hurts sometimes. Love brings with it the possibility, indeed the inevitability of loss. Things constantly change. Still, it is possible to live an intentional, meaningful and rewarding life. Our experience in this world depends so much on our ability to understand and work with our own minds, our mental habits and conditioning.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 358-4213
Kate Cole Fallon, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, MS, LCPC, NCC
“Whether you are challenged by changes in relationships, health, work, or stage of life, let's work together to discover your best self along the ageless journey of life. I offer private, confidential counseling to adults who are seeking more effective ways of managing stress, depression, anxiety, change and loss. Balancing conflicting demands can leave anyone feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 517-2442
V Elizabeth Taxter, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, MS, LCPC
“I am a seasoned clinician who has worked with adults, couples and families for over 25 years. I believe that increased awareness leads to increased options. Often the work of therapy is about making or repairing connections--interpersonal, internal or perhaps even spiritual. I provide individual adult psychodynamic psychotherapy; couples counseling: marital, pre and post divorce. My clinical work often includes assessment and treatment from a systems perspective. I reserve a portion of my practice to provide a safe and intriguing space for children to express themselves and to be understood by adults. Facilitated parent-child sessions often help.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 899-4363
Sarah Furman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Counseling can provide a safe place to explore your feelings and behaviors, and I will collaborate with you to uncover emotional obstacles and find strategies to work through difficult issues. I strive to create a place that allows for healing, growth, and insight in an effort to integrate the many aspects of yourself--both those that may need healing and those that are healthy. I use your strengths to help you create change and I also strive to honor your feelings, beliefs, and whole self to help you live a fuller and more peaceful life.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 650-0939
Jodi Pearl Blakeman, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Marriage & Family Therapist, LCPC-C
“I believe that every individual has the inherent capability to make changes to better their lives. My goal is to foster relationships that best support client strengths, tailoring therapy that fits the indivdual(s). In my practice, I employ behavioral therapy, person centered therapy, and mindfulness work. I work with adults, children, couples and families who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, low self esteem, and spirituality concerns, and those who are in the midst of separation/divorce, or having parenting issues or communication challenges within family and/or peer relationships.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 420-2280
Paula L Curran, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“Are you experiencing frustration, feeling upset by an unsatisfying relationship? Do you feel overwhelmed by finances, divorce or stress? "How will I handle all these pressures?" Do you consider therapy but don't know where to start: "how do I choose from the therapists I read about?". If you seek someone who will engage with you, understand that you are doing your best to make sense of the problems confronting you and wants to participate in creating strategies to resolve these problems, please call me to talk about how we might collaborate to create the life you desire.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 245-1353
Sara Wright, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MDiv, EdM
“People usually come to me in the midst of a breakdown, when the old systems of life and of response are no longer working - or when the symptoms of anxiety or depression become too much to bear. There is grief, sadness, anger and at times profound emotional turmoil at the loss of what is known and familiar. Call me. I can help.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 747-3053
S Leigh Haskell, Psychologist  in Portland
Psychologist, PhD
“I am a licensed psychologist and have practiced in Maine for the past 28 years, working with adults, adolescents and children. I have a specialization in the area of grief, loss and bereavement. My experience includes helping individuals cope with the death of a child, spouse/partner, parent, sibling, friend, coworker, or pet due to illness, accidents, suicide, and aging. I focus on each person's unique circumstances and needs during the grieving process. I work toward fostering resilience and developing strategies to regain a sense of emotional equilibrium and the capacity to function, differently but effectively, following a loss.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 808-7017
Dr Valerie A. Hart, Psychiatric Nurse  in Portland
Psychiatric Nurse
“I have maintained a continuous private psychotherapy practice since 1979. In addition to my clinical practice I teach in the graduate program for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners at the University of Southern Maine. My background is in psychodynamic therapy which acknowledges the importance that family of origin plays in our life as well as the role of the unconscious in determining our decisions. I accompany my clients on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness which leads to symptom reduction and a more fulfilling life. My practice consists of individual, couples and family therapy.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 747-3146
Liz Crane, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Finding a good therapist is often a matter of finding the right match. I offer a safe and comfortable environment that allows clients a place to share their current concerns so together we can identify strategies to help them better navigate critical issues. I specialize in integrating evidence based therapy into my work with adolescents, adults and couples and common themes addressed in treatment are anxiety, depression, parenting concerns, family discord, ADHD, trauma and loss.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 653-4537
Douglas Smith, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, LCPC, SEP
“Somatic (or body) psychotherapy is the kind of work that once you have practiced it as a therapist, or experienced it as a client, you can "never go back" to regular talk therapy. The reason is simple: the body is the repository of your history as much as the mind. It remembers - and contains many layers and patterns of protection, defense and response that have developed along with emotional and mental experience. Somatic psychotherapy treats the body as an equal partner in the healing process.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 358-4500
Randall Roberts Melvin, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, BCD
“I view Psychotherapy as collaborative effort where the client and therapist work together to find resolution to issues. It is an active process whether we're doing individual or couples therapy. Although issues often feel quite daunting initially,they become manageable and ultimately resolved in a timely fashion. After 26 years of experience,I believe that most, if not all presenting problems can be helped.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 358-4197 x106
Sara Levite, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, MS, LCPC
“For over 25 years I have been committed to helping clients experience more joy in their lives. Whether challenged by anxiety, depression, addiction or stress, it all boils down to finding better ways to cope with life's curveballs. My approach is to work collaboratively with people to achieve their goals. I have extensive experience working with couples and strive to have each person feel heard and understood. My work experience includes working for the Department of Corrections and as a Guardian-Ad-Litem. Thank you for taking the time to view my profile. Feel free to call anytime.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 618-6786
Dan Creek, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, LCPC-C
“Welcome - thank you for your interest. For more than a dozen years I've worked as an educator and guide, leading adolescents and young adults through transformative learning experiences. In my counseling practice, I strive to help clients gain self understanding and develop a stronger sense of well-being and life satisfaction. Depending on specific needs, I offer therapeutic approaches that address concerns such as anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, and performance problems (e.g., work/academic stress, physical intimacy).
Portland, Maine 04102
(207) 618-9870
Joshua Altschule, Psychologist  in Portland
Psychologist, MA, PsyD
“The degree to which one has the need for change in their life is the best indicator for growth in psychotherapy. When I am working with a child, adolescent, or adult with a strong desire for change it naturally leads to a richer therapy experience and positive impact on their life. Through developing insights about oneself and building new coping skills in a supportive environment, old patterns that no longer work can be changed and what were problems in living become foundations for a healthier life.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 482-0141
Hannah Curtis, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Want to be your best self? Working with me can get you there. I offer coaching, counseling and workshops designed to help you get the most out of your life. I believe that emotional wellness is the key to happiness. My approach blends innovative problem-solving with common sense solutions. Clients describe me as warm, insightful, and non-judgmental. My style is collaborative and conversational. When working with clients on life challenges, I'm not afraid to speak the truth and to provide supportive, constructive feedback. Clients praise my ability to say things clearly and compassionately.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 553-2260

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