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Sarah Evelyn Mays, Art Therapist  in Portland
Art Therapist, ATR-BC
“Art Therapy uses art materials, the creative process, and/or the finished art product as a tool to help facilitate change in a wide variety of ways. You do not need prior experience using art materials or creating art to participate in and gain value from Art Therapy.
Portland, Maine 04102
(615) 601-1095
Lauren Herdrich, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, MA, LCPC
“My name is Lauren Herdrich and I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in private practice in Portland, Maine. I specialize in work with adolescents and women. I have over 15 years experience in the clinical counseling field and have worked in many different realms of the field including as a school counselor, in inpatient settings, community-based settings, and in private practice.
Portland, Maine 04102
(207) 518-7870
New England Family Institute, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Marriage & Family Therapist
“We have 12 clinicians and 4 interns to help you with transitions and clinical issues that may have you stuck. We work with couples,individuals and families to help them deal with some of the difficulties of life. Life is hard but sometimes we need it to be a little easier on us!!!. If you check our web site you will find all our bios and a wealth of experience that assures you the best treatment based on our belief in being the best we can be for you.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 482-0392
Martin Finkelstein, Psychologist  in Portland
Psychologist, PhD
“After 35 years practicing as a clinical psychologist I have come to understand that effective treatment must be determined specifically for each client and applied in a respectful and cooperative manner. Treatment choices are made based on the uniqueness of the individual, his or her goals, and current life circumstances. They may include behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, in-depth therapy, or couples and family therapy. One treatment modality is not appropriate for all.
Portland, Maine 04102
(207) 518-7525
Dan Creek, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, LCPC-C
“Welcome - thank you for your interest. For more than a dozen years I've worked as an educator and guide, leading adolescents and young adults through transformative learning experiences. In my counseling practice, I strive to help clients gain self understanding and develop a stronger sense of well-being and life satisfaction. Depending on specific needs, I offer therapeutic approaches that address concerns such as anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, and performance problems (e.g., work/academic stress, physical intimacy).
Portland, Maine 04102
(207) 618-9870
Carolyn B Holbrook, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LADC
“Life is a gift to be enjoyed. Sometimes issues, changes and mental stress can make it seem like life's a chore to be endured. Some people carry heavy emotional blocks around from their past that blind them from the enjoyment. The goal of therapy is to assist you to live a more happy, free and productive life. Good therapy involves a trusted comfortable relationship with an objective professional who can give you educated constructive feedback and set you on a road to growth and self-understanding. Sharing pain and fears in a confidential safe setting can be uplifting in itself.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 773-7993 x23
Laura Mazikowski, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, LCPC
“I specialize in establishing a safe and deeply authentic treatment relationship in which we can explore a range of goals and feelings over time. As we identify your therapy goals, we will work together to understand your own unique needs, what works and what does not, creating an environment that encourages acceptance and expression of emotion. Some of the work may focus on developing insight to help your own capacity to reflect. Additionally, we may choose to work with images and dreams to help illuminate what happens internally. Exploring these avenues can bring depth and meaning to what sometimes feel like meaningless feelings and actions.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 358-4479
Amy Wood, Psychologist  in Portland
Psychologist, PsyD
“Are you feeling depressed, anxious, drained, overwhelmed, distracted, or just plain dissatisfied with your personal and/or professional life? Do you find it challenging to stay on track with your goals? Are you tired of struggling and ready for things to be easier? I can help you to remove obstacles in your path and find a clear, lasting route to greater happiness. We'll solve the problems keeping you stuck and get you moving in a rewarding, confident direction. If you're done with false starts and want greater peace of mind, better opportunities, and healthier relationships, I am here.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 358-4031
Ginie Thorp, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, LCPC, NCC
“I believe that we all seek to be seen and known. Counseling is a place where we can be supported and reconnect to our strengths, flexibility and resourcefulness. My approach to helping you reconnect to your strengths incorporates mind-body awareness, and relational theory. We'll work in collaboration to help you regain the balance you need to meet your challenges. I offer clients many body based tools from my training in EMDR, meditation, yoga, acupressure, and Attunement work as well as journaling, and spirituality exploration.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 518-7554
Faith Sheehan, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CCS, BCD
“I believe people are infinitely interesting and resilient. I promise a safe place and the therapeutic skills and experience to help you stop looking for a way out and instead, find a way through. I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified clinical alcohol and drug supervisor. I have 23 years of mental health and substance abuse treatment experience. I work with individuals, couples and groups from adolescence through adulthood. Life's possibilities change as we do and people really do recover - every single day. Your best life is waiting.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 358-6091 x14
Kirsten Milliken, Psychologist  in Portland
Psychologist, PhD
“Hello! In my practice I focus on working with clients who are either diagnosed or suspect they may have ADHD or another learning difference. My practice is divided between working with clients who are looking for a formal evaluation and clients who are looking for a coach to help them learn about their unique ADHD makeup and how they can have more success in life. Dr. Milliken offers a menu of options for psychological testing. She is adept at in-depth targeted interviews as well as formal testing, depending on the client's needs.
Portland, Maine 04102
(207) 420-8831
Paul W Milller, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, MA, LCPC
“Couseling is a journey that starts with accepting where you are and finding a way to the other side of the challenge. Using a strength based approach we start with the resources you do have on board. Then through a variety of tools we discover what is geeting in the way of finding the peace and hope you are looking for. As a therapist I am aware that we are complex people that often need a safe place to sort things out and make meaning of life. . I am able to accept most forms of insurance including Mainecare.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 358-6248
Dr. Frank Luongo, Psychologist  in Portland
“You can buy a suit at Sears or go to a custom tailor. My treatment plan and approach is customized for you as an individual and based on a careful listening assessment of your presenting problem and the unique individual context of your life. I will give advice and direction when necessary and I will not sit like a stone and not respond. I react to you in treatment and I feel privileged to join you in whatever struggle has brought you to me.
Portland, Maine 04102
(207) 518-7843
Randall Roberts Melvin, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, BCD
“I view Psychotherapy as collaborative effort where the client and therapist work together to find resolution to issues. It is an active process whether we're doing individual or couples therapy. Although issues often feel quite daunting initially,they become manageable and ultimately resolved in a timely fashion. After 26 years of experience,I believe that most, if not all presenting problems can be helped.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 358-4197 x106
Gail Clinton, Psychiatrist  in Portland
Psychiatrist, MD
“My practice is centered around self-discovery and transformation. I am not your traditional psychiatrist in that I do not put my attention on diagnoses or medication. Instead my orientation is around the integration of life's experiences and on becoming more whole. I can help with a variety of obstacles to being more clear, confident and courageous. I utilize a therapeutic approach called Internal Family Systems (IFS) which is non-pathologizing and assumes we all have parts as well as a Self. That Self can and will lead the internal system when the parts are relieved of their more extreme roles.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 245-1485
Elyse Corbett, Psychologist  in Portland
Psychologist, PhD
“Therapeutic success is largely reliant on the quality of the relationship built between a therapist and client. My clients have described me as authentic, compassionate, affirming, and gently challenging. I strive to create a warm, supportive environment where you will feel safe and comfortable to be yourself. I will guide you through your challenges to a position of greater awareness, fulfillment, and hope. The challenges and transitions experienced as we move through our lives are very tender - new, raw, lovely, and painful all at once. Being there with people during these times is certainly a privilege for me.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 517-2335
Jada Kouba, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, LCPC-C
“My name is Jada Kouba and I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor-C practicing in the Greater Portland area. I enjoy working with adults, children, adolescents and families. I have several years of experience working in a variety of settings and I would consider myself a sensitive and integrative counselor. Additionally, I offer Christian based counseling to individuals who wish to integrate their faith in the counseling process. I greatly enjoy working with individuals and families and I am skilled in the areas of behavioral, parental, and family issues.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 358-4603
Mike Berkowitz, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“Much of my focus to date has been with children and teens.I am firm believer that each client is unique and should help shape the treatment process. Play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and Jungian theory are just a few of the modalities I employ. However, in the end, it is not about a technique - it is about making lives better. I have a range of treatment backgrounds from which to draw on -a group home, Head Start, the Center for Grieving children and public schools have helped shape my experience.
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 482-0252
Honnie Goode, Counselor  in Portland
Counselor, LCPC-C
“Welcome to my practice! It is important to find a safe place to create the changes you want to see in your life. I provide compassion, empathy, and openness to help create a trusting therapeutic relationship to assist in your healing process. You are the authority of your life, through collaboration I can help assist you in becoming the person you want to be.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 390-8143
Jessica Townsend, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“My belief is that therapy is only as successful as the development of the therapeutic relationship. Your growth in therapy is dependent upon your ability and willingness to trust me, feel safe, and feel confidence in my approach. My work always begins with this recognition and focus, and has led to over fifteen years of positive relationship building. With this, I have had the privilege to witness amazing client strength, courage, and growth; ultimately these are the factors which will help you address difficult moments in your life.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 420-8636

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