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Tracie Maille, Counselor  in Dunmore
Counselor, MS, CRC
“I believe that growth occurs at the edge of our comfort zone. When we become complacent and just "settle", we have cut off our opportunity for happiness. It is important to look at the big picture and identify ways to reach your goals. Together, we can discuss obstacles, concerns, patterns, and progress, whether it be related to work, family, relationships, trauma, addiction, etc... I have training in various areas and also utilize several different approaches so that our time together is of maximum benefit to you.
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 507-8978
Matthew Hill, Counselor  in Dunmore
Counselor, MS, LPC
“My counseling philosophy is the counselor and client work together throughout the process. This process can be very fulfilling for the person seeking assistance for a myriad of reasons. You will find a new sense of self, understand problems differently, and become empowered to cope with situations in the future by applying the tools and resources through the process. Also, the aim is to promote client health, growth, and well-being. I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and young adults. I schedule sessions in the day and evening due to most people working or in school throughout the day.
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18510
(570) 391-0816
Paul Janeski, Counselor  in Dunmore
Counselor, MS, LPC, CRC
“Thoughts and feelings have a powerful way of shaping the way we view and interact with people and situations. Sometimes those thoughts and feelings can be so overwhelming that we feel out of control. My goal as a therapist is to assist people in realizing that we have the ability to control they way we react to, and handle life situations. For me, therapy is not about fixing something that is wrong, but instead finding a different way of looking at things. Therapy truly is about personal growth and awareness.
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 279-4708
Derek Ciaruffoli, Counselor  in Dunmore
Counselor, MS
“If you are struggling with life stressors and feel like you are unfocused, directionless, or hopeless, therapy can be a way to discover personal strengths that can help you overcome negative feelings and thinking patterns. I have experience working with individuals suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, and sexuality issues. I also work with individuals who wish to explore aspects of their spirituality, as this can enhance your healing efforts.
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 795-5544
Tiffany Griffiths, Psy.D. & Associates, Inc., Psychologist  in Dunmore
“I have worked to create a holistic group practice where my vision of the ideal environment for growth can unfold. The associates in the practice have diverse backgrounds, interests, and training. No matter what problem or difficulty with which you present, someone in our group can assist you. We have cultivated an environment of peace, warmth, and acceptance to assure you will be respected, unconditionally.
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 560-6579
Counselor, MS, NCC, LPC
“Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have you been experiencing extreme worry, sadness, depression or anxiety? Does it seem like you are having trouble in your relationships with family, friends, or co-workers? Have you experienced trauma or abuse in your past which is affecting you in your present life?
Office is near:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 861-6821 x1
Psychologist, PsyD
“My orientation is to help a person grow beyond his or her legacy and to resolve underlying issues and conflicts, in order to assist one in becoming a healthier human being. Successful treatment helps someone work through particular difficulties to a [significant] enough degree so that he or she is not doomed to repeat mistakes, symptoms, and less healthy ways of engaging with the world. The potential personal growth can lead to [meaningfully] improved interpersonal relationships, overall adaptation, and contributions to and enjoyment of life. This psychotherapy takes place in a concerned, supportive, nonjudgmental, safe environment with the utmost confidentiality.
Office is near:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 832-4121
Kristy Ann Fiore, Counselor  in Dunmore
Counselor, MS, CRC, LPC
“The majority of my counseling career has been based on working with individuals with disabilities; however, my counseling focus is open to any person interested in creating a more positive situation for their life.
Office is near:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 664-9785
Counseling & Wellness Center of Scranton, Counselor  in Dunmore
“Welcome to our counseling practice at 1021 Moosic Street, You may reach us directly at 570-961-WELL (961- 9355) . Counseling is an opportunity for personal growth and /or help you identify and cope with difficult life circumstances or emotions. Research shows that counseling therapy can provide significant reduction in feelings of distress, and also improves relationships. Please visit for more information.
Office is near:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 244-3534
Alyse Kerr, Counselor  in Dunmore
Counselor, MS, NCC, NADD-CC, LPC
“I am a licensed professional counselor with several years of experience in multiple settings and roles, providing clinical/behavioral services and supports to individuals throughout eastern Pennsylvania. I provide service and supports to inidividuals with a variety of issues, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, grief/loss, anger management, substance use, and specialize in working with individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and providers/supports. I also provide training and consultation as needed to individuals, families, and providers.
Office is near:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18509
(570) 299-3011
Ann Marie Termini, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Dunmore
Marriage & Family Therapist, EdS, MS, LPC
“I am a very experienced and a highly trained couple, individual and family therapist with a particular expertise in working with separating families. I am duly licensed in good standing in Pennsylvania. In a respectful, supportive and non-judgmental manner, I work to help clients use their strengths and unique qualities to find solutions to their problems, enhance their relationships, build confidence, and improve their quality of life. I promise you experience, expertise, privacy and trust. I offer low-cost confidential services. If you are interested in psychotherapy to help improve your life circumstances, call me.
Office is near:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 763-4338
Michael W Grier, Counselor  in Dunmore
Counselor, MS, CAADC, LPC
“The foundation of my counseling philosophy is the dignity and value of each human person. I understand that you may be anxious or apprehensive speaking with a therapist about things that are difficult to discuss. I will strive to earn your trust by creating a therapeutic environment based on confidentiality that is conducive to healing.
Office is near:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 972-0626
Cara M. Koslow-Postpartum Mental Health Specialist, Counselor  in Dunmore
“The decision to begin therapy takes courage and strength. I believe that providing safety and non-judgment are key components to the therapeutic process. Together, we will develop goals to meet your individual needs. My focus will be to meet you where you are emotionally, cognitively, physically and spiritually in order to address any maladaptive thoughts and behaviors that lead to ineffective coping. Therapy can provide you with the opportunity to heal and live a happy and healthy life.
Office is near:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(610) 616-5820
Mary L Doyle Troy, Counselor  in Dunmore
Counselor, MS, NCC, LPC
“I am a licensed counselor with over 10 years experience. I focus on helping people utilize their natural strengths to deal with, and overcome, difficult situations, questions, or life experiences. I have worked with military veterans, college students, and other adults in a variety of settings. I am also available for PA Counselor Supervision.
Office is near:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 234-0224
Arianne Scheller, Counselor  in Dunmore
Counselor, MS, NCC, LPC
“I have had several years of experience treating children, adolescents, and families and a continued commitment to finding solutions for my clients. Talk therapy is a very important part of the process. However, I believe that real work between client and therapist is necessary in order to generate real solutions! I use cognitive behavioral therapy in order to challenge and change thoughts, behaviors, and negative perspectives of my clients. This type of therapy has proven to be successful both in current research and my actual experience.
Office is near:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 437-8771
Turning Point Alternative Living Solutions - Tpals, Treatment Facility  in Dunmore
“My name is Roy Gilgallon. I was born into an addictive setting and have been engaged in addiction and recovery my entire life. I have experienced addiction as the son of, the spouse of, the parent of, and as an individual who has recovered from multiple addictions. After twenty eight years of recovery in which time I had supported individuals and family members in numerous ways. I had decided to make a career of it. I resolved to pursue my passion. Credentialing, licensing, gaining dialectical skills were minimal tasks compared to the education received as a family member of an active alcoholic/gambler and overcoming addiction myself. You can be assured that your loved ones, our patients, will be treated with dignity, compassion, understanding and respect. At the same time they will be held accountable for their past while planning for the future. Our treatment model is more about building self efficacy gaining confidence through acting competently. At no time do we aspire to the use of fear, force or coercive tactics. Although the aforementioned approach will produce immediate measurable effects they have repeatedly proven to fail in producing long term recovery. We are GAMBLING
We serve:
Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512
(570) 273-5406

Therapists in Dunmore

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