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Grace Walsh  in Houston
MEd, LPC-Int
“What do you value? What is important to you? Do you feel your life has meaning? Are the answers to these questions reflected in the life that you are living today? We all have times in our lives when we feel we are at a crossroads. I provide a safe, confidential and nonjudgmental place for you to examine and explore your unique journey. The answers you seek are within you and the therapeutic process opens a pathway to their discovery. I offer compassion, connection and empathy to create a nurturing environment for your personal growth and healing.
Houston, Texas 77092
(713) 588-0028
Retta Arlene Williams  in Houston
MA, LPC, Intern
“Many people struggle with anxiety and stress on a regular basis. It could be due to a current crisis, early trauma, or a psychological disorder. If these issues are causing you distress, I can help. I will work to help you manage stress and improve coping skills while providing emotional support along the way.
Houston, Texas 77060
(281) 645-6079
Clara Pena, Counselor  in Houston
Counselor, LPC-S, LCDC, RYT
“Life sometimes throws curve balls that are difficult to handle alone. Using a collaborative approach, I'm here to help you gain more insight towards personal growth and identify the strengths you already possess. Through psychotherapy you can learn new ways of coping through difficult times and determine goals for positive changes. I have worked with individuals who have experienced challenges on many levels. My goal is to provide you a safe, supportive and a non-judgmental environment.
Houston, Texas 77058
(832) 742-4723
Lauren Jones  in Houston
“Lauren sees children, adolescents, families, adults, and couples struggling with behavioral, emotional, or relational issues. She attended Baylor University for her undergraduate degree in Psychology and then attended Dallas Theological Seminary where she earned a MA in Biblical Counseling. Lauren is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern and is supervised by David Bueno Martin, MA, LPC-S.
Houston, Texas 77005
(832) 742-6435
Lisa Neuhart, Marriage & Family Therapist Associate  in Houston
Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, MS, LMFTA
“Today's a new day! Whether you're dealing with personal concerns, feeling strains in your romantic or family relationships, worried about your teenage son or daughter, or dealing with military life challenges, I commend you on taking this courageous first step towards creating a better tomorrow for yourself and loved ones. Counseling can be a powerful resource for anyone. It's used for both personal healing or strengthening/repairing relationships AND preventative/self-improvement measures. As both an LMFT-Associate and Certified Prepare Enrich Facilitator, I'm equipped to help you with either.
Houston, Texas 77027
(713) 997-8496
Teen and Family Services, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Houston
Drug & Alcohol Counselor
“Teen and Family Services is a peer based recovery support program for adolescents and their families who are suffering. Our program is designed around after school and weekend hours to accommodate the schedule of family participants. We offer free assessments and work with many situations.
Houston, Texas 77024
(281) 306-0205
Leslie Ann 'La' @ Heights Counseling Biofeedback Services, Counselor  in Houston
“A favorite saying of mine is "CHANGE... It's One of Life's Only Constants..." Change often signifies growth. Changes often move us from our comfort zone and may trigger stressful or distressing thoughts, behaviors, emotions or physiological responses. Our responses are often unconscious. Except we consciously recognize increased discomfort, pain or unproductive functioning in our daily roles and relationships. If you or a family member are experiencing any social, emotional, mental or behavioral difficulties causing distress & preventing enjoying life or realizing your or their full potential in personal, work or school functioning, I invite you to call me.
Houston, Texas 77008
(832) 632-8118
Sarafin Family Therapy, PLLC, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Houston
Marriage & Family Therapist
“Does it feel like life isn't working anymore? We all go through phases when we outgrow our old ways of coping and interacting. Maybe you have tried everything you can think of and life feels like it's just getting worse. Maybe it's time for an outside perspective. My job as a therapist is to help you explore your situation from different perspectives and to help you develop new communication tools and ways of coping so you can feel better.
Houston, Texas 77058
(281) 532-6377
Kayla Holguin  in Houston
“I am a graduate of Texas Tech University where I received my bachelors degree in psychology. I am currently working on my masters degree in professional counseling and I am a practicum student at Renewing Hope Counseling under the supervision of Marshall Rorie, MA, LPC-S. As a young adult in the field of counseling, I am learning the most up to date information and innovations in therapy and I have various areas of interests. Also, I believe in a trusting, honest relationship with all clients.
Houston, Texas 77079
(713) 561-3378
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
“I am a social worker/psychotherapist/psychoanalyst in private practice. I have experience with adults of all ages as well as children and adults. I was also trained in Special Education for children with emotional problems. I work with people who wish to get rid of their pain and want to grow and learn about themselves.I like to work with people who will be able to look at themselves, the good, the bad, and the in between, and come to peace.
Houston, Texas 77006
(713) 588-0249
Nancy Graham, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Houston
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LCSW-S
“I believe in the basic goodness of people. I believe in hope and that anyone has the power to change their life. My approach to change is to focus on your strengths and help you build new skills to find solutions.
Houston, Texas 77068
(713) 965-6957
Counselor, M, Ed, LPC-S, NCC, CCTP
“Do you feel overwhelmed, lost, regretful, unhappy, or do you wish someone could help you find a way? Therapeutic counseling offers you the opportunity to recover your life and create healthy relationships. I offer a confidential, trusting therapeutic relationship to help you overcome the difficult challenges you are experiencing. Learn to manage daily stressors with courage, patience and guidance. You are the critical piece in the puzzle to your personal success.
Houston, Texas 77079
(832) 632-4974
M. Cristina Ivan, Psychiatrist  in Houston
Psychiatrist, MD
“I am an adult psychiatrist committed to providing individualized treatment to each of my patients. I have extensive medical training and experience in treating patients coming from all walks of life and in all stages of medical and psychological distress. I strongly believe in the benefits of psychotherapy by itself or combined with medication when indicated. I enjoy doing intensive psychotherapy with individuals interested in understanding themselves and improving their relationships. I work with patients facing all kinds of human psychological experiences, including coping with medical problems, relationships, work-life balance, life transitions, trauma, loss, and end-of-life issues.
Houston, Texas 77098
(832) 850-2516
Amanda Howard, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Houston
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LPC, LMFT
“Thank you for your interest! I look forward to meeting with you and/or your family! I provide a safe, confidential space to explore other perspectives & possibilities. Everyone has a experience that is unique and special not right or wrong. I help clients find what would be of value in their lives and help them to formulate a plan of action to get there! I wish you the best! Hope to hear from you!
Houston, Texas 77063
(832) 706-4442
Marion Zahn, Psychologist  in Houston
Psychologist, PhD
“I believe that therapy is a process that, for many people and under certain conditions, can be a transformative one. I am committed to helping my patients work towards experiencing greater fulfillment within themselves and their relationships with others through individual, couples, and group therapy. Those motivated to work towards self-understanding, healing, growth, and change will benefit most from the type of therapy that I offer.
Houston, Texas 77042
(713) 338-9084
Sadia Jalali, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Houston
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Therapy is a process. I feel privileged to join my clients in working towards improving their lives. I have worked in private practice since 2006, providing family/couple, individual, and group therapy services. I work with clients of diverse ethnicities, ages, and genders. My therapeutic approach is collaborative and solution-focused, family therapy-based, culturally sensitive, and client-centered.
Houston, Texas 77036
(713) 965-6959
A. Timothy Butcher, Psychologist  in Houston
Psychologist, MDiv, PhD
“The Clinic for Adult Attention Problems P.A. (CAAP) is a multidisciplinary specialty clinic. The primary mission of the clinic is to provide exemplary patient care through state-of-the-art assessment and treatment and to expand knowledge through research.
Houston, Texas 77098
(713) 489-8361
Lara Allen, Counselor  in Houston
Counselor, MS, LPC, Supervi
“I believe that a healthy recovery includes becoming aware of one's emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs so that individuals develop a healthy sense of self. I emphasize balance in day-to-day life, as well as making decisions that promote recovery and feelings of well being.
Houston, Texas 77024
(281) 845-2863
Linda Kagey, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Houston
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, LCDC
“Does everything look good on the outside while inwardly you are falling apart? I understand how difficult it can be to maintain a positive state of being when issues of addiction stand in the way. All of the family members fall victim to the effects of someone's addictive behavior. You may be enduring enormous levels of stress and pain, sleepless nights, deep anxiety and physical exhaustion. You are not alone. There is hope. Just by learning about the dynamics of addiction and recovery you are well on your way to healing.
Houston, Texas 77066
(832) 928-0211
Wise Minds, LLC, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Houston
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
“Cultivating and maintaining meaningful connections is an important key to well being. Disconnection often occurs as the result of relationship challenges, difficult losses, interpersonal struggles and addictive patterns. In addition, shame is often associated with interpersonal struggles and may be at the root of many psychological issues including depression and anxiety. My training includes an internship and post-graduate fellowship at the Menninger Clinic, Professionals In Crisis Unit. I have also completed specialized training in couples therapy, shame resiliency and mindfulness-based treatment for depression and anxiety. I have additional experience working with veterans at the VA hospital in Houston.
Houston, Texas 77098
(832) 932-7598

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