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Laura Lee Nastri, Counselor  in Port Angeles
Counselor, LMHC, FAMI
“SERVING CLIENTS IN CLALLAM/JEFFERSON COUNTIES I believe that each person has inside him or herself everything needed to heal. My job as a therapist is to help clients find that unique place within to access their own unique healing abilities. I respect each person's right to grow in their own way and time.
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 310-4089
Erran Sharpe, Counselor  in Port Angeles
Counselor, MA, LMHC, NCC
“Are you living the life you want to live? You know what kind of person you want to be, and the path appears clear & simple. Yet familiar roadblocks and potholes appear to bar your way. You can: *Connect to your energy and joy *Resolve the roots of anger, become peaceful *Understand and improve your relationships *Handle conflicts in relationships better *Integrate any mystifying spiritual experiences you have had. My therapy supports growth and lasting change. You can always count on me listening carefully to understand you, and giving you clear, kind, honest feedback.
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 389-3975
Carolyn Jeffress Johnston, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Port Angeles
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA
“My approach as a Jungian analyst/psychotherapist is to first and foremost facilitate a trusting relationship and offer a safe natural healing environment with my office located in my home facing the Olympic National Park. Carl Jung stated: " It is the privilege of a lifetime to become who you truly are." Most people come to therapy seeking relief from their pain from depression, anxiety, illness, life transitions, grief and loss. Our work together is to identify your unique ways of coping and healing through these life traumas that occur for most of us at some point in our lives.
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 362-8514
Kristin Halberg,   in Port Angeles
MBA, CEAP, License, HeartMa, C
“Welcome! Do you want to cut through anxiety, fear, depression, and overwhelm? Are you bored with your life, and want to be more playful and adventurous, but feel bogged down by your worries and cares? Do you want to reconnect to your joy, and live a wholehearted & happier life? I am a Lifestyle Coach and "Joy Retrieval" Guide. Using a combination of science, the arts, wilderness and spiritual wisdom, I will guide you back to that true part of you, and help you access renewed joy, hope and passion in your life.
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(425) 336-7462
Aimée M Bradley, Counselor  in Port Angeles
Counselor, MA, LMHC-A, NCC, BA, AAS
“When your life feels as though it is falling apart, sometimes help is needed to first, identify the challenging, puzzling pieces and then put them back together. You don't have to do this alone. Give me a call so your healing can begin.
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 529-3495
Michele Bryant, LICSW, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Port Angeles
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
“I have worked with individuals, couples, and families for more than 20 years. I enjoy helping people become the healthy, happy, productive, people they were meant to be. Therapy is hard work, requiring a safe environment, a trusting therapeutic relationship, and mutual respect in a therapeutic setting. It can be the most rewarding work someone will ever enter into. I want to be the therapist for that person.
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 703-9146
Luci J E Chambers, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Port Angeles
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFTA, AT, MEd
“As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am honored to work with people of all ages and diverse relationships: Children, Adolescents, Adult Individuals, Couples, and Families. I am also an Art Therapist. Art Therapy is a form of counseling that uses art-making to supplement client expression. Art-making is joined with talk therapy as a means of exploring personal experience and coping with residual emotional content of experience. Art Therapy is not concerned with art skill or creating masterful artwork! The important part is the process of making the art and what it means to the client.
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 464-4827
Melody E Williams-Romeo, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Port Angeles
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT, DCEP
“I would like to come alongside of and support you while you are sorting out your confusion, & stress as you go through life's many challenges. I assist people who are experiencing depression, major life changes, have been hurt or betrayed. I also treat anxiety and panic. I work well with couples needing new ways to strengthen their relationship. I am very experienced helping teens and their parents.
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 797-5914
Counselor, MA, LMHC
“I work to provide people with an opportunity to envision the changes they want to make while they strive to reach their goals, the future they want, and an authentic self. Each person has their own lifetime of experiences to bring to the table and I strive to provide counseling tailored to your individual needs. I encourage each person to examine their thought processes and patterns, and how they relate to behaviors and relationships. I believe in a strengths-based approach that supports the individual strengths a person has to enact the changes they desire and lead a healthier life.
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 975-7456
Felicia Mueller, Psychologist  in Port Angeles
Psychologist, PsyD
“As a psychologist licensed in Washington State, I provide services to individuals, families, and couples. I work with garden-variety anxiety, depression, relationship issues as well as more complex cases. Clients range from pre-teen to wise elder. I am a preferred provider with Medicare and most insurance plans.
Office is near:
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 209-2548
Patricia Starr, M.A., LMHC, Counselor  in Port Angeles
“FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION view Pat's website at Pat is an interactive therapist. She asks questions, offers observations, and looks for patterns within aspects of your life. Believing that you are the final expert on you, she relies on you to set the direction for therapy and trusts in your unique healing process. You will be encouraged to ask questions, to trust your inner self, and to verbalize any uneasiness you might experience about your therapy process.
Office is near:
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 529-3751
S Tara Sparkman, Counselor  in Port Angeles
“When circumstances have dampened that spark of creativity that you know you are capable of, we provide a private natural healing environment in the security of our home office in the Dungeness area. We are here to help you reconnect with all that you can be using a non judgmental holistic approach to help you create a solid foundation. We believe in the inherent power of healing within each of us. Using the natural material of your strengths, and experience we can weave together a matrix of hope by listening deeply to your inherent wisdom as it show up in dreams, images, thoughts and impulses.
Office is near:
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 746-0486
Jules Steffen, Counselor  in Port Angeles
Counselor, MA, EdS, LMHC, CHT, PPN
“I support adults who wish to improve their daily self care and are intentional in gaining clarity for living life consciously. I actively work with a client to provide information, guidance and support. I offer certain expertise while the client brings self-knowledge, reflections from life experiences, and perceptions of what is desired in life. I seek those who are committed to their healing process, and are willing to explore painful feelings and the accompanying archaic beliefs. I support creating a safe container for naming one's truth, and finding safe ways to express in counseling what has remained hidden.
Office is near:
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(206) 347-8325
Terrance Wolf, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Port Angeles
Marriage & Family Therapist, MACP, LMFT
“Most of the work I do is "mindfulness based". This involves identifying difficult emotions, gradually developing the capacity to tolerate those unpleasant feelings in the body and withholding involvement with the storyline. This is the action of a mature and responsible person. It is the training of our attention without judgement or knee-jerk reactions. The work is done in the present moment and is not so dependent on our past. When we accurately note our feelings and don't impulsively react we can begin to ask, "What is my relationship to these feelings?" This offers an immediate and direct path to healing and growth.
Office is near:
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 529-4709
Annie James,   in Port Angeles
“Are you ready to stop self-limiting beliefs, behaviors and patterns? Are you tired of using behaviors with food to cope? What would it be like if you made peace with Food, Your Body and Yourself?
Office is near:
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 477-2748
David P Eekhoff, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Port Angeles
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, MDiv
“I bring over 20 years of experience to the Presbyterian Counseling Center. I offer a unique opportunity for people who come to me for counseling to become aware of issues about their relationships with others, and also develop a deeper awareness and appreciation of their world and their place in it...a spiritual search. When spirituality and hope meet, many say they experience a transformative change. No matter where you are in your journey, I offer you an experience in which you will be encouraged to take small steps that can make a huge difference. I welcome you to this journey...
Office is near:
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 379-4849
Amy Elizabeth Gordon, Counselor  in Port Angeles
Counselor, MA, LMHC
“I welcome you to transition from surviving to thriving, from enduring to enjoying, from stuck to flow. Together we will explore the current obstacles to your own well-being and expand on your current successes. One of your strengths is that you are willing to seek guidance on this journey as evidenced by this moment of searching for a therapist. Congratulations. It is my honor to bear witness to your journey and serve as a guide. Your insights and awareness are the first step toward greater acceptance and action around the issues you face. With self-awareness comes greater serenity.
Office is near:
Port Angeles, Washington 98363
(360) 821-1422
Lahren-gitis Psychotherapy, Counselor  in Port Angeles
“~~~~~TWEEN, TEEN, ADULT PSYCHOTHERAPIST~~~~~ It's not always easy to find that "silver lining" in the tight spots in life, but with help, you can do it. For many areas, I use Positive Psychology, concentrating on what's going right in your life, less on the negative. It's locating your strengths and pursuing those things. It's discussing the horrors in life, what you have managed to survive, then discovering the BENEFIT of living through it.
Office is near:
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 529-5148
Barbara Solomon, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Port Angeles
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT
“Hi, I'm Barbara. In my practice, I have been privileged to witness the resilience of the human spirit and to hold a sacred space for people to share their stories. My work is to guide individuals and couples in creating enduring success and evolving consciousness in their relationships, effectively managing the stress and sensitivities in their lives and increasing their sense of personal power and self love. My joy is to inspire and facilitate others to activate their highest potential and ground their spiritual truths.
Office is near:
Port Angeles, Washington 98362
(360) 681-4456

Therapists in Port Angeles

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