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Scott Abrams, Psychologist  in Doylestown
Psychologist, PhD
“Moods or anxiety can feel overwhelming, and cause problems in personal relationships, work, or social life. Anger or anxiety can bubble up or creep in without a clear reason. At times emotional changes can feel like a roller coaster. For many, there are things they've never told anyone, but that linger in their mind. For some people, these issues have come up recently, and others have been grappling for a lifetime. Does any or all of this seem to apply to you or someone close to you? Need to talk about it?
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(408) 660-3125
Lucy S. Raizman, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Doylestown
Marriage & Family Therapist, LCSW, LMFT
“Lucy S. Raizman, MSW, LCSW. LMFT, is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist and AASECT-certified Sex Therapist for the Council for Relationships, a well-respected not-for-profit counseling organization that offers expertise in relationship and intimacy issues and offers a sliding fee scale. I am a therapist with more than 15+ years of experience working with individuals and couples in the suburban offices of Doylestown and Springhouse offices in Bucks and Montgomery County outside Philadelphia, Pa.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(267) 999-9977 x2
Micheline Balogh, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Doylestown
Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, MAEd, LMFT
“My role as a therapist is to offer hope to my clients by supporting them through the process of change. Experience gained over thirty years as an educator coupled with my training over the past eight years in effective strategies to motivate and guide clients through this process enables me to provide clients a safe presence to explore areas for growth. I work with children, adolescents, adults and their families to help them gain insight into the discrepancy between their behaviors and their goals. Additionally, I help my clients explore how their thoughts and emotions are contributing to current issues.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(267) 245-6141
Dina Ricciardi, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Doylestown
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LSW, ACSW
“Are you or is your child weighed down by life's challenges and using food as a way to cope? Welcome to my practice, where you will find a safe and supportive environment for you and your family to explore your relationship with food and create healthier habits and behavior patterns. Whether you are over or under weight, an emotional eater, or have a poor body image, talking about it really does help, and my practice offers an effective place for you to do so. It's not what you're eating, its what's eating you.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 478-6835
Diane Peters Mayer, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Doylestown
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LSW
“If you have anxiety attacks the distressing physical and mental symptoms may leave you feeling frightened, exhausted and even "crazy" at times. Depression may make it hard to just get out of bed in the morning. Conflict in your personal or professional life could have made you angry, dissatisfied, feeling lost or trapped. This is where I come in. Through our therapeutic relationship based on my deep respect for your feelings and uniqueness and with my clinical expertise, we journey down a path of healing toward a more rewarding and freer life for you.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 688-5858
Robin B Lynk, Psychologist  in Doylestown
Psychologist, PhD
“"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"..... Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a cage without a key? Are you caught in an unexpected or difficult situation which seems increasingly demanding? Maybe you find yourself caught up in thoughts, memories or behaviors which leave you feeling diminished or scared, and leave others feeling worried about you. Via psychotherapy, we can turn these experiences around by effecting changes in the way you experience yourself and your world.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 262-7400
Jill K Harle, Counselor  in Doylestown
Counselor, MACP, NCC, LPC
“Everybody experiences adversity differently. Not only is it is important to get to the core issues that are interfering with your daily functioning, but also to have someone provide understanding about these issues. My job is to focus on the presenting symptoms and work to get to the root of the problem. Whether you need individual or family counseling, I can provide it in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. By working together, you will be able to better identify strategies to help manage your symptoms and improve everyday life.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 989-4395
Betsy Zazow, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Doylestown
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
“I work with teens, adults, couples, and families providing a safe, respectful, and confidential place to talk. In a therapy session we thoughtfully identify the areas in need of change in your life, as well as your personal strengths. We may discuss ways to improve communication in relationships, gain insight into the reasons for the problems, how to change unhealthy behaviors, and increase a sense of happiness and well-being. There are other reasons for coming to therapy sessions such as grief work, history of trauma, strengthening self understanding and personal goals, and achieving higher levels of functioning.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 345-6252
Maureen McGurk, Counselor  in Doylestown
Counselor, MS, MEd, LPC, CAADC
“Within each of us is a unique essence that is striving to find its voice and grow in a positive and productive direction. For some of us, however, blocks develop that prevent us from growing toward our true potential and, essentially, we become stuck. The role of therpy was designed to help us uncover, understand, and move beyond these obstacles to once again continue our growth. As your therapist, we will work together exploring and eliminating those blockages preventing you from the enjoyment of a harmonious life.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(484) 238-0905
Barbara K Folts, Psychologist  in Doylestown
“My experience as a licensed psychologist, in private practice for over 25 years, provides a solid background for working with clients. My expertise substantiates the need for healing symptoms that originate in childhood or as an adult. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, or personal relationships, I can help you overcome your difficulties. Therapy can help you resolve the past and live freely in the present with a bright future.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 839-1083
Ravenhill Psychological Services,   in Doylestown
“Since 2001, Ravenhill Psychological Services has been providing meaningful and responsive mental health treatment to the children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families of Bucks and its surrounding counties. In order to provide services to all members of the community who need it, Ravenhill offers both day and evening appointments, and accepts medical assistance and several commercial insurances. We pride ourselves on responding promptly to requests for service, so please contact us today to find out if Ravenhill participates with your particular insurance plan. Private pay options are also available. At Ravenhill, we will always incorporate the needs of the community into our current and future practice.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 701-4092
Kathleen Mccafferty, Counselor  in Doylestown
Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC
“Are you having trouble focusing? Is your job or relationship not satisfying? Is your family telling you that you just haven't been yourself lately? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and feel stuck it might be a good time to talk to an objective counselor who can help you sort out what is going on so that you can create the life that you really want to live.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 688-5933
Daniel J Leichter, Psychologist  in Doylestown
Psychologist, PsyD
“It is truly a privilege to be invited into the lives of others during a therapy session. As a licensed clinical psychologist, my philosophy of psychological treatment is based upon an empathic and compassionate therapeutic rapport which I consider the primary vehicle to interpersonal understanding, change and healing. I utilize a multi-modal approach grounded in psychodynamic theory and cognitive behavioral technique.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(610) 915-8560
Amy C O'Neill  in Doylestown
“It is a privilege to be witness to ones growth and evolvement. Getting to the core of issues allows for insight and change. I provide a safe, confidential and supportive atmoshphere to work through identified problems areas. Managing these negative patterns of thinking and behaving allows one to flourish interpersonally, emotionally and in the context of all their relationships. I treat anxiety, depression, addictions as well as many other issues. My goal is to help each client reach their full potential.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 874-6368
Carol Jubinski, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Doylestown
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
“With over 30 years of clinical experience, I believe I offer my clients a blend of wisdom and knowledge, intuition and heart, humility and humor. When a client tells me, "You saved my life," I say "No, you saved your own life." What I will take credit for is providing you with a place, a person you can come to trust. Because of that trust you will be able to face, explore and resolve tough issues/problems/symptoms. By creating a strong therapist-client bond, we will set the foundation for a more confident, resilient self to emerge.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 337-4092
Christopher Walter, Counselor  in Doylestown
Counselor, MA, LPC
“I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 20 years experience working with people to to address their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Areas of focus in my practice are trauma, depression, anxiety, fear, grief, anger, malaise, and guilt & shame; intimacy, relationships, and sexual issues, and meaning of life issues. The way I work supports the emergence of the person's inner wisdom or voice as the truest guide to healing & fulfillment.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 995-4053
Susan Shelly, Counselor  in Doylestown
Counselor, MA
“As a Counselor I understand the importance of meeting you where you stand. There is no discomfort that is insignificant. Your pain is real for you. My orientation as a helping professional is integrative and solution focused. As we work together toward improving your sense of well-being we will 'look back but not stare'. We seek to identify patterns and change behaviors that no longer serve you. The process of healing begins with complete acceptance of who you are right in this moment and integrates the mind, body, and soul.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(267) 520-6204
Jennifer Erb Caramenico, Counselor  in Doylestown
Counselor, MA, LPC
“I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families. Over the course of my career I have had the privilege of working with clients individually and within the family context in order to help them work through their struggles. I offer an open and supportive environment that allows individuals and families to honestly explore their issues. I promote open communication and provide honest feedback in order to guide individuals toward healthier interpersonal connections. Treatment that provides guidance and compassion helps individuals access the courage needed to make the changes they desire.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(267) 293-9069
“I provide Bilingual (English/Spanish) psychoeducational evaluations. Educational advocacy. Testing. Tutoring. Psychoeducational Coaching. Individual, Couples, Group and Family Therapy. I can also do testing in other languages. I have worked with clients as young as 7 months and as old as 87, though primarily I have worked with children and adolescents. My approach is eclectic, using strategies of CBT, Family Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and others to help people achieve their goals.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(267) 244-9559
Jane Kessler, Psychologist  in Doylestown
Psychologist, MA
“I am a licensed Psychologist with 42 years experience. I have a goal-directed approach that clients seem to find very helpful. My therapeutic orientation is Cognitive-Behavioral. Most of my clients would describe me as warm, funny, direct and "right-on-target". I like working with individuals as well as couples. I believe that my approach is particularly well-suited to clients who are experiencing depression or anxiety of any type.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 348-8212 x1

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